Grak Journal Session25

When Grak awoke, Grak could not believe the foolishness Grak was witnessing. Releasing the Coward? Trusting it? And the cat was willing to defend it with it’s life! As was the ghost. Grak admire’s the ghost’s loyalty to it’s friend, especially in death, but still. Grak realizes Grak is not the grayest orc in the fist, but Grak is certainly not the greenest. Grak attempted to explain that one such as the coward could never be trusted. And worse, it knows our secrets. With it alive, the keep is not safe, nor our mission. But no one would listen to Grak. While Grak has come to like and trust Grak’s comrades, Grak will not risk those that trust him to foolishness. Grak was ridiculed in the tribes for placing value on the lives of his soldiers, but Grak still attempted to carry out missions with minimal loss of life. And Grak will continue to do so. So Grak left.

Grak journeyed to the Monastery, hoping to find guidance on a good place to form a temporary base of operations, and possibly acquire supplies. When Grak arrived, they said they did not know of supplies (trivial issue, as Grak can forage for himself) but would consult the maps. While waiting, the ghost appeared, and immeadiately became concerned that the cat had not arrived by now. Grak came to find out the cat had left with the dopplganger to come to the monastery as well… Alone! Cat?!? More like a kitten! Luckily, Gio had found him. If the kitten wants to lead, the kitten must grow up! People’s lives depend on his decisions, and he cannt be pussyfooting around the hard decisions. The kitten wants to be an idealist, but the ideal world will be made by making hard decisions. He is likeable enough, and Grak understands why people follow him; in a perfect world, he would make a perfect leader. But this is no perfect world. And Grak doubts he has the abilities he needs. Hopefully Grak will be pleasantly surprised. Being likeable and charismatic enough is fine on the small scale, but neither of those matter when it comes to truly leading forces and armies. Most of the soldiers never meet you, let alone love you. They are either inscripted, drafted, bred, and paid to fight. They follow because you lead. And you lead because you are strong. And Grak is strong. Grak is fine with letting the kitten play with leadership now and then, but Grak will be no ones cat’ spaw. Grak will not be used, and Grak will not do things that compromise the good of world. The Shadow must be stopped.

On the way to the keep, Jenner was there to greet us. Apparently, Grak and the kitten’s attitude towards the children was not appreciated. Grak thinks they should be happy we did not kill them. Rude children are good for one thing. Examples. And Grak hates children.

While Grak is thinking of it, comrades must enact a plan for the keep. The damned caretaker is apparently the key, and must be rescued. But with the coward still at large, comrades should only travel in pairs or groups. Solitary, the coward can prey on us. Also, by only traveling in groups, we can insure that a fake dwarf or cat does not bluff it’s way past the defenses. The ghost has told Grak that the coward is with the caretaker. Grak will SMASH his way to the caretaker if necessary, to kill two birds with one stone and keep our keep safe.

Grak Journal Session25

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