Age of Shaedow

Have You Heard the Word?

The bird is the word.

20th of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

 During our rest in the warehouse a 'smokey' white dove perched observantly near the party. We were reminded of Ceelena's animals who behaved in a similar manner. We finished resting and decided to follow the bird when we woke in the morning.

It lead us outside the warehouse where we had a brief scuffle with a few undead and a frogger. We continued to follow the bird which lead us to a large gate that allows passage between sections of the city. The door was stuck closed, but Darr was able to magically 'knock' it open. We passed though the doorway into the next section and found it covered in jungle. We were immediately set upon by several udead dire wolves, but barely managed to beat them off. Deciding we didn't want another fight like that, we ran 'like we had just stolen something' to the gate leading to the next section.

We were able to quickly open the door and then bar it from the other side. Still following the dove, we continued until we came to a large temple. Inside we started searching the temple for why the dove brought us here. Svenir proceeded to the alter of the temple and released a witch from an imprisonment spell by breaking a pentacle drawn on the ground. The dove which we thought was assisting us, transformed into a raven and flew away.

Svenir then started fighting against us as he was once again possessed, this time by the witch. The witch managed to escape before she was slain. We searched the rest of the temple and decided to sleep in the minaret.



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