Age of Shaedow

Bait & Switch

Arguing in the open: not a good idea...

19th of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

Waking up on top of the wall just inside the city gates, we decided to try and lure some more spirits to the wall and take them out from a distance rather than run into them out in the open. We managed to bait two spirits to the wall and used up a good portion of our ammo to take them out. Deciding that it wasn't worth the ammo, we finally decided to head North (or what we thought was North) into the city.

We fought some undead and some toad monsters. We ended up climing onto the buildings in an attempt to avoid being seen by monsters down on the street. While on one rooftop, the party got into a heated discussion about how to proceed. We weren't seen by monsters on the street, but they sure did hear us. After another fight with a toad monster and some more undead, we decided to continue our discussion inside a building. We found a warehouse, broke inside, remembered to close the doors, finished our discussion and decided to rest for the night.



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