Age of Shaedow

Descent into the City

An Old New Friend

18th of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

We woke from rest on a ledge overlooking an ancient city. The city seemed to be divided into 11 sections, 10 spoke sections and one central section. We took stairs down the cliff to the level of the city. At the base of the clif we found the remains of an battle that happened a millenia ago. We continued toward a gate that serves as the entrance to the city.

Reaching the door we discovered it was adorned with several glowing sigils. After a short debate we decided to simply try passing through the gate and see what happened. Everyone passed through except for Svenir. On the other side we found an warrior who was rather disoriented. Introductions were interrupted by a flock (gaggle? pride? herd?) of undead who attacked the party. The strange warrior, Hakkon, assisted us in the fight and began to gain our trust.

After dispatching the undead we went back outside the city to get Svenir when suddenly Svenir started attacking us! Being careful not to hurt him too badly we knocked him unconscious long enough for a ghastly possession to leave him. Tired (or unconscious) after the battle, we spent some time healing ourselves.

Inside the gate, the only apparent way forward was through a set of doors that lead to one of the sections of the city. With no idea of the kinds of monsters waiting for us on the other side, we instead decided to take the un-apparent route over the walls. By shooting a magic bolt from the Axebow, we managed to secure a rope to the top of the wall.

Gio made quick work of climbing the wall and started surveying the surrounding area while the others climbed. Some Orc spirits were spotted and two sets of stairs down the walls were found. We killed a few spirits by shooting bolts and arrows from above, but Roaran grew impatient with that, went down the stairs and swung at a spirit through the invisible barrier. Roaran was less than successful and was severely weakend by the mere touch of the spirit. We decided to rest on the top of the wall and head out into the city the next morning.



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