Age of Shaedow

Creepy-ass Dolls & Loved Ones...

Now with Eggs and a Moat!

21st of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

It was decided to forgo the door system in the city, climb atop the walls and run along them. Worked fantastically. Followed some train tracks to a forge where we hear rattling chains and metal on stone scraping, (but dismissed it until a physical enemy showed up) and a creepy-ass doll on the bed. There were a few anvils around the forge and a glass orb on a pedestal. The doll was some animated thing who went invis, took the orb and made the elemental attack the party. Svanir snatched the glass ball from the little-girl dolly, burned the shit out of his hand. Giovanni and Darr both leaped for the orb, but it was the quick Catfolk-like reflexes of Darr that came up with the save. Then he put the orb in the Blackstone box he had and the elemental disappeared. While we were looking left at the space where the elemental was, the doll went invis again and escaped through the hood vent.

We took off and continued to follow the tracks south-ish until we came to a river we had passed over earlier while up on the wall. We followed this to what we thought was the center and came to a lake, which we circumnavigated until Darr came up with the thought "What if this lake is a dwarven Moat and the keep is in the middle?" So, he sent his trusty (and trusting) raven out into the void with a Light pebble only to discover he was right.

So, we all stripped naked (where we discovered Svanir has egg sacs all over his back like in Gremlins, which Darr quickly and deftly removed), floated our stuff on rafts made of wooden shields and inflated waterskins and swan across unmolested… until we got to the island. Where we met this odd creature that seams to be made of chains and loved ones. After a stunning blow (literally) from Giovanni, and a successful trip from Svanir's furry companion, the party swarmed the demon (Roaran's sword was all glowy) and beat the ever-loving shit out of it (I don't even think it got an attack off). We rested on the North side of the Island.

22nd of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

Then we came around to the South where the two huge double-doors with sigils on them were. There was a barricade bar on the doors from the outside so we removed that, but apparently there was another inside. So, Hakkon cocked his X-Bow, handed it to Roaran, who fired our rope up to the top. Roaran and Svanir climbed to the top and discovered that the barrier is connected to the outside edge of the wall and there was no turning back.

Gio climbed up the rop, but not onto the wall and handed us the box with the fire elemental in it, which Roaran used from the top of the wall to attack two Frogs guarding the door. After the fire elemental took a lot of damage and started showing signs of wear and tear, Svanir and Roaran stepped in to dispatch the already half-dead, remaining Frog (the elemental killed one already). During the fight, Roaran had lost his control over the elemental (Will DC 15), so Svanir had lodged a twig in the lid of the box to keep it open while they fought.

After the fight, Svanir dove to the box and removed the twig and instant before the elemental's hands connected with his skull (he missed his AoE for Svanir's movement). So, here we are, Roaran and Svanir remove the bar from the inside… Roaran, Svanir, Darr's Raven, and Richard are inside; Gio, Hakkon, Darr and Sasha are on the outside and we're ready to discuss where to go from here…



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