A Wengir village in the center north of Ragrun-gack’s territory. Nordhjeim is on the coast of a forested peninsula jutting into the southern Bay of Ragrun. The peninsula is situated in the valley where the Nordavfall Mountains to the South and West meet the Isfjell Mountains to the East.

Nordhjeim left in relative peace by its controlling Warlord Ragrun-gack, as long as its yearly tribute is paid and there is no flaunting of the Blutrecht.

The population is varied with no one race having majority.

The main industries of Nordhjeim are Hunting, Fishing and Mining. With 60% of all Fish, Game, Leather and Hides being paid to Warlord Ragrun-gack as yearly tribute and 90% of all ores going to the Shaedow King.


Age of Shaedow Bitphreak