Helegon's Tale

I just rewrote this quick, changing you to I and a bit more exposition at the end. -Max

I served the warden of the east, with his death the title passed to me. Guardians of the forests of the Elves of the East and Keepers of their lore. The forests were wiped out ages ago. With the destruction of the Elves of the east over 1000 years ago our order has numbered 2. Always a master and an apprentice. The last King of the Eastern Elves entrusted the “Oathbreakers Stone” to the safe keeping of our order. It was lost or stolen (it is unclear which) nearly 700 years ago by my masters masters master.

As my master saw his time draw close, as is common among our kind he called me to stand his death watch.

On his deaths bed he spoke

“You have been a good pupil as you will be a good Warden. I regret that my passing is fast upon us and I’ve done not enough to prepare you for what lies ahead. Continue the training I have set in front of you not. Nor seek thee an apprentice. For the time of the Third Sundering is upon us.

It brings shame to all of us that Master before Master of my Master has failed in protecting Oathbreakers stone. Return our honour and full-fill your part. Find the Stone. The Prophet of Eldaer walks as Man tonight, there is precious little time.”

Stiffening, he gasped sadly

“It has begun the First is struck down and Second Daughter is bound The city that never was shall be no more

Find the Stone, Join the Prophet.”

with this his eyes closed and his last breath hissed softly through his lips. Far off to the north, prehaps as far north as the Bay of Ragrun-Gak, I saw flaming meteors rain down from the heavens.

For 3 years I searched far and wide for Oathbreakers stone. First finding hints that it was gained through some sort of trickery to a Sorcerer of Great Power and Low Scruples named Oderon. I searched far and wide to discover even a hint or whisper of trail leading to this Oderon. Then in an ancient text I stumbled across a clue indicating that he spent his waning years in a vale in the south-eastern reaches of the Isfjell Mountains known only as the Vale of Oderon. On my way to find the Vale I had a vision my master whispy and translucent spoke to me.

“The Prophet needs your aid join him before the Shadow claims the twice born. Hurry to the falls of Kurgan the Wise. Hurry…..”

His voice trailed off as I awoke.

Helegon's Tale

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