Glossary of Terms

Dwarven Terms

Demon King of Shaedows – see Shaedow King.

Shaedow King – Demon lord of Shaedows that rules all of Aerden with an iron fist.

Aerden – World where Age of Shaedow takes place. Ruled by Shaedow King.

Age of Shaedow – period of time in Aerden beginning with the coming of The Demon King of Shaedows and the 100 years war until present.




100 years Shaedow War

Shaedow War

true blooded humans



Wengir with brands, tattoos or some form of magic sigil.


Orcish Warlord Ragrun-gack.

Bay of Ragrun



The most Foul and Dread Warlord Ragrun-gack

Blutrecht restrictions placed on the Wengir and tributes paid he tends to leave Nordhjeim in peace.

Worshiping anyone other that Demon King of Shaedows is punishable by death or worse. All other churches have been crushed and the names of the gods of Aerden are long forgotten.

Gods Although the concept of gods other than the Shaedow is not known among the people of Aerden,


Immortals there exist a class of creatures whose powers far exceed those of mortals of all races.

Disciples worshipers of Immortals these creatures, collectively known as immortals, who can grant their most devout followers extraordinary magical abilities. Such worship must be hidden well from the Shaedow as false worship is the most severely punished infraction there is.


XXXX There are a few traveling bards called XXXX* that are trying to recover the lost knowledge of the 3rd age and also are the main source of news for Nordhjeim.

Spring festival – The harsh northern winter is at an end and spring is coming. Your characters all are coming of age and it is tradition in Nordhjeim for all those finishing their apprenticeships to compete in various events in the annual week long spring festival to show themselves worthy of ending their apprenticeships and become full standing citizens of Nordhjeim. The end of the festival is marked with a feast to congratulate the new citizens and welcome in the spring. +

Glossary of Terms

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