Character Creation Guidelines


Heroic Paths

I am using the Heroic Paths idea from Midnight, a D20 based game. The PC’s are Hero’s chosen by destiny to rise above there lot as Dayborn. Heroic paths are one of the few edges that characters have, but it is a potent one. Some hone their skills to best utilize their path; for instance, someone born to the naturefriend heroic path is quite likely to find himself becoming a wildlander. On the other hand, some heroic paths can have surprising effects on a character; the most peaceful channeler may suddenly find herself directing seasoned warriors in combat.

A heroic path bestows extra abilities and powers based on your characters level but have no level or xp cost of their own. Each character has 1 heroic path that must be picked at character creation time and can’t be changed. A heroic path sets the characters apart from the other denizens of Aerden.


Any of the classes in the Players handbook, with the exception of cleric may be chosen. Selection of any magic using class should be done after consulting me so we can work out background details. Along with the PH classes you can be

If there is another class or feat or whatever that you are interested in just check. I am fairly open to whatever idea or character concept you have as long as we can work it into the setting somehow. And I have just about anything D20 related in pdf format. Seriously probably 30 Gig of D20 sources.

A few other notes As possesion of weapons is strictly forbidden for the #### you should consult with me on the selection of any weapons you wish to choose. It is best to use duel use items, a pitchfork for instance. And if you want you can leave spots open and not pick all your feats to begin with. What history there is oral and most has been lost. Reading is strictly forbidden as well. Keep this in mind when picking feats. If your concept really needs to read consult with me and we will work out the back story.

Character Creation Guidelines

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