Age of Shaedow

Escape from Martial Law
Orcs, and Rats, and Spiders! Oh, My!

We all happened to be at the Wild Boar when the Confessor announced Martial Law over the town. Most of us either had no means to make a living within the town walls, or had urgent business out of town. After deciding to band together to find a way out, we concluded that the sewer system would be the easiest way.

We found a grate in the side of a building that appeared to be the best entrance to the sewer system, but we needed to get inside the building. We picked the lock early the next morning and easily gained entrance without causing any commotion until the rats escaped through the open door. Whoops!

Being careful to close doors behind us, we found our way into a series of ancient underground passages. All of the ancient iconography had been vandalized to an unrecognizable state. We were soon followed by what sounded like a band of orcs, but we managed to out run them. The orcs were fortunately attacked by something that we ran right past.

We fought several giant rats and recovered some simple weaponry. Going further into the caves that followed we encountered a giant spider, but we managed to distract it with the corpse of a surviving orc who managed to catch up to us only to be slaughtered. Burning our way through webs and navigating several passages lead us to an ancient dwarven elevator. Managing to not break the elevator by taking turns going up, we broke our way through to the surface.


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