Age of Shaedow

The Empty Fortress
Caretaker's Missing? We'll find our own way in!

7th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Gio split off from the group to explore a mountain once inhabited by his ancestor X'Cer Auret. Everyone packed all our equipment on the carts and traveled to the fortress.

2 AM on the 8th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We were woken up early in the morning because of a bright light. It was coming from the dragon statue, and lit the valley for miles. By the time we got back on the trail in the morning, the light had dissipated as daylight returned.

Evening of the 9th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We arrived at the caretaker's house, but only his three children were there. When we asked, they told us there was no way to get in and that their father had a way in, but they didn't know how. He had been gone for a few days looking for their dog, but he would defenitely return soon.

Roaran was annoyed by this and made the children cry when he asked about their mother. Ignoring the fact that the kids father and caretaker of the fortress was missing and possibly in danger, the party slept for the night hoping the caretaker would return.

10th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Not content to sit around and wait, the group decided to try and get inside anyway. The road led to a gate house, but it was protected with a magical barrier. After many foolish attempts to enter, the group concluded that it was quite impenetrable. This was bitter-sweet since although we now owned an impenetrable keep, we could not get inside.

We went back and asked the kids where their dog was last seen, since Svanir planned to track the dog by scent. We followed their directions along a river to a cave where  we found three giant collars where the giant three headed dog used to live. When we saw this, we practically presumed that the father was dead.

The children came to mock our efforts, but Roaran taunted them further and made them cry again. Once again ignoring the missing guard dog and caretaker, who might still be alive and in danger, Svanir attempted to gain entrance by navigating the pipes and waterworks of the fortess.

Svanir wandered around inside before finding a way to get down to the door and let everyone in. Once inside we searched the fortress and found controls for a bridge. We stationed dwarves at the gate and the bridge. And began to bicker over who got which room.

Evening of the 10th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Gio arrived back at the fortress, found the gate, and tried to get through it by using Richard. The hiding dwarves were under orders not to open the gate unless their lives were in danger. Richard firghtened them, however, so they opened the gate at once.

Reunion and News of Nordhjeim
Quests for Cures? Fortresses and Moutains?

6th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

The leader of the order appreoached Roaran in the morning with news that Sigurd had left his fortress for the party to use. The order had maintained the fortress for many years while awaiting our arrival. The leader also approached Gio and informed him that as the descendant of X'Cer Auret, Gio had inherited the mountain and caves that X'Cer Auret once called home. The leader of the order offered to either help Svanir move on or to help him restore his body, but the later would likely require a quest of some sort. The leader also informed Svanir that the gimp was Dagon One-eye and he had helped him move on.

After an hour ride on horseback, we arrive at a nearby town for a public celebration. After we arrived, we ran into Jenner and his sister. Apparently, they are part of the order, and have been agents against the Shaedow for many years. Sigurd's village is their hometown; they were sent to Nordhjeim on assignment.

They had news of the fate of Nordhjeim after we managed to escape the wrath of the Confessor. Nordhjeim was completely taken over by the Shaedow. Most of the population were slain or sent to toil in the slave pits. Roaran's parents also went missing during the confusion. Hopefully they escaped death and toil and are safely in hiding. Giovanni's Brotherhood was spared no mercy, and the entire monastery was likely slaughtered. It is likely that he is the last person who knows the process of vinting Icewjin.

Svanir asked leader of the order about Krulak. The leader told him that there might be something in the vale that would let him make potions to help Krulak.
Svanir asked Krulak if he would help watch over the fortress in exchange for helping cure him of his stone poisoning.  Krulak agreed.

Sanctuary on the Hill
A Foe Becomes A Friend

3rd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

One of the orcs chasing us was brave enough to cross, but the leader of Davlamin's order pulled him from his horse and somehow released the orc from the influence of the Shaedow. We did not think this was possible, and we were reluctant to let the orc join us. The leader assured us that the orc was now on our side, and that he too was a victim of the Shaedow's tyranny. Somewhat rested from the grueling march from Four-Wells, we resumed travelling to the monastery where we were invited to a banquet.

Afternoon of the 5th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We arrived at the monastery on a hill overlooked by a giant statue of a dragon. The sight was extremely impressive due to the massive scale of the statue that seemed larger even than the mountain it sat on.

Inside, we  were given accommodations and were cared for as honored guests. We were curious about how this place existed and why we were so important here. The leader, knowing we were tired, refused to anwser until the banquet.

At the banquet, we were told a fantastic story about a legendary man named Sigurd who once ruled this land and his struggle with the True Wyrm X'Cer Auret. We also had a chance to explored the monastery and we discovered temples to the old gods. These depictions were not destroyed and scarred like so many we had seen before. Svanir recognized one of the Gods, and learned about the mother godess who had allowed him to return to Aerden after his body had perished.

Chased Out of Four-Wells
A Mysterious Stranger With Good Advice

Evening of the 9th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

We were relaxing at the tavern having a few ales when suddenly a strange man rushes in. He introduced himself as a friend named Davlamin Carter. He told us we needed to leave that night, because there was a bounty on our heads. A huge mob had formed and they were planning to turn us in, because the bounty was worth more than most of them made in a lifetime. We quickly gathered our equipment and got the dwarves ready to leave, but a few dwarves were missing.

As we were leaving the tavern, and started to head out of town, we saw the large mob in the distance. They were carrying torches and calling out, looking for us. We turned the opposite direction, but our path was blocked by the foreman and a band of miners. Using Richard and a few unkind words we scared most of them away, and once again captured the foreman.

We tied up the foreman and left him at the side of the road. Then we disguised Roaran as the foreman, to trick the mob. Unaware of the ceception, he led the mob in the wrong direction and off our trail. When Roaran came back to catch up to the party, he stopped long enough to slit the foreman's throat in secret.

Davlamin assured us we would find a safe haven in his land, so we rushed out of town before the mob found us. Not long after we heard a group of orcs on horseback behind us. Not being able to afford to pace ourselves, we marched on late into the night, until we knew we had gained enough distance to camp for a short rest.

10th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Continuing the strenuous march began to wear us all down. Attempting to gain some distance we rigged a few traps to slow the orcs down. We slung a few fireballs to tenderize them, whenever we felt them getting close enough.

Afternoon of the 2nd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

With the orcs close on our heels and showing no signs of slowing down we arrived at Davlamin's land, and through a barrier that the orcs were afraid to cross. We had no idea how this land kept the orcs at bay, but we were glad of it. We soon collapsed of fatigue just inside the boundary, not able to go any further.

Return of the Svanir
No Pants! Seriously?


Evening 26th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

Aslan, the healer's apprentice, was knocked out in Pittmans gorge.

Afternoon 28th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

Aslan was chained to a post as a sacrifice to the Drake.

1st of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Sasha came to protect Aslan and Svanir made his return saving Aslan.

3rd of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Aslan and Svanir saw the evil priest arrive at the vale turn over three dwarves. Svanir recognizes the dwarves as being Roaran's followers. Aslan and Svanir saw the evil priest leave the Vale angry and shouting at the gate guards.  He left without the dwarves.

Back in Four-Wells

3rd  of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Waking up the next morning, with mild hangovers, we started to look around town for useful services. First, we found a healer to look at Gimpy and the other injured. She asked us to find her apprentice, because their wounds were too grave for her ability. Next, we found a blacksmith so we could resize the orc armor to fit the dwarves. We made a deal with the blacksmith, but the modifications would take time, so we would have to come back in a few weeks to see how much he had finished.

Curious about how this area had remained free from the Shaedow. we talked with Krulak and some of the locals more. We learned that a drake and his henchman, a Minotaur named Stoney, were in control of this land. They demanded regular sacrifices to be made. These sacrifices were choosen by a lottery from the local villagers.

4th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

We headed off to Pittman's Gorge, the mining town Aslan was last seen in.

Afternoon of the 6th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Arriving at Pittman's Gorge, Roaran made two guards rich by bribing them for info about where Aslan was. The stubborn guards only told us to speak with the Foreman, who would not be available until the next morning. We entered a local pub looking for a place to stay the night, but instead found a body in a pit and a group of passed out drunkards. Curious for information, we woke up the owner of the bar, who told us that the pit was for entertainment, and the dead guy simply lost the fight. Tastelessly, both in ethical and culinary senses, Krulak eagerly ate the body in the pit. To make sure we had a chance to talk with the foreman, we camped out in front of the foreman's office for the night.

7th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

The foreman refused to open the door and talk to us, so Roaran broke in and “persuaded” the naked foreman to assist us. He told us Aslan had been forcefully taken to the vale as a sacrifice. We took the foreman with us, so he could show us where Aslan was. While on our way to free Aslan, we were surprised as we ran into him and Svanir’s ghost coming the other way.

We freed the foreman, who was no longer usefull, but he threatened us, so we “scared” him off and hoped never to see him again. We began to head back to Four-Wells with Aslan when we were attacked by a band of Oruks.

Afternoon of the 9th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

When we arrived back in Four-Wells, we took Aslan to see his mentor. Aslan realized his mentor was using Aslan's natural talent, and taking all the credit for herself. Aslan left the tutalage of the healer and instead joined Roaran’s resistance. We made plans to head to the Vale in the morning after a nights rest.

Entering Four-Wells
Ugh, I Can't Believe He's Eating That

27th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

The next day, we found that we were not alone. A giant emerged from the hillside, but he was not threatening. He was, in fact, strangely timid for something his size and strength. Krulak, as he was called, told us that he was the one who dropped the large boulder on on one of the orcs we fought the night before. He lives in the area, and offered to take us to a nearby town, which was surprisingly not under the control of the Shaedow. Looking forward to a restful stay at a friendly village, we followed our new friend Krulak. We would soon learn that Krulak has his own peculiarities, as we heard him gnawing on the flesh and bones of the fallen orcs. Thankfully, he tended to stay at the back of the group, so we didn't have to watch as he consumed his odd diet.

Afternoon of the 2nd of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

A few days later, we arrived at Four-Wells; it was indeed free from the tyranny of the Shaedow. We eagerly found a place to stay at a local tavern and relieved ourself of the loads we had carried for weeks. Roaran graciously paid for a good meal for the entire party and all the dwarves who had helped so much.

Not sure when there might be another chance for everyone to enjoy themselves, Gio decided that it was a good time to celebrate. He made arrangements for some women and ale for all the dwarves and whoever else cared to partake. A few of the dwarves were unfortunately unable to contain their dinners and had to remove themselves from the festivities. Roara, however, was perturbed that the dwarves would probably not even remember the meal he had bought early in the evening.

An Honorable Death
More Orcs Than We Bargained For

Afternoon of the 24th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

We threw the equipment we recovered from the orcs onto the back of the sleds, and continued down the path on our way to the Vale of Oderon. The way was rough and enough, but we managed to travel a fair distance.

Evening of the 25th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

After making camp a day later, Hakon and Helegon started going though our new equipment. Some of the items holding a powers stronger than any of us have ever seen, even more powerful than some of us could imagine.

Exhausted from the day's exertions, we laid down for a good rest. We did not sleep long before we were woken by Hakon's yells. A pair of arms was emerging from the ground beneath a sleeping dwarf, and started to pull him away. Gio acted quickly and managed to take the dwarf from the grasp of the arms of an orc. The orc, alone in his efforts, retreated for the time being. Keeping a vigilant watch over the whole camp, we return to our bedrolls and slept undisturbed until morning.

26th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

Not long after getting back on the trail in the morning, we discovered the plans of the orcs who travel in stone. And by 'discovered', I mean 'ambushed'. They numbered two dozen, and were quick to engage our entire contigent. Their initial surprise struck us at a disadvantage, and we took some bad hits before we really knew what was happening. Luckily for us, Helegon used some quick thinking and shot an entire line or orcs with a well places bolt of electricity. Unluckily for us, Svanir was in that line as well. He hit the ground before most us managed our first kills. Preoccupied with our own foes, we could not come to his aid, despite our own wishes.

Helegon finished nearly a dozen orcs with another bolt of lightning, much to the dismay of Grundar. Several dwarves were felled and many more were rendered unconcious. We slaughtered the remaining orcs one by one until they all drew their last breath in agony. Hakon tended to the injured, while Roran and Gio ran to their fallen friend.

We gave our fallen friends a warrior's burial,  gave our sincere respects, and thanked them for their courage. We doubled our resolve to end the tyranny of the Shaedow, as it had ended the lives of those dear to us.

On the Road Again
The Only Good Orc is a Dead Orc

22nd of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

Hakkon woke up in the morning an discovered that is Holy Symbol was missing. He searched the tower for it, and asked everyone if anyone had seen it. No one knew where it was. Roaran and the rest of the dwarves returned to the outpost that afternoon. After reassigning other dwarves to work on the carts, the rest of us started to search the outpost. While searching we all got a distinct feeling that we were being watched, so we started to look for tracks. It was likely that whoever what watching us might be involved with stealing the symbol.

We tracked the scent of orcs to a small camp on a bluff overlooking the southern edge of the valley, but we couldn't follow the tracks any further. Returning to the tower we decided that we had to leave the next day, since orcs had discovered our whereabouts. Fortunately, the dwarves finished the carts, so we were ready to leave the valley tomorrow anyway. Fearing more theft and sabotage, we barricaded ourselves inside the tower with all of our equipment and supplies, and hoped we would not be bothered while we slept.

23rd of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

We woke the next morning, after an uneventful night, and nothing was missing or broken, so we packed up and got ready to leave the falls. We didn't get far before we noticed that the bridge across the river had been tampered with. We needed to cross the bidge to continue toward the Vale of Oderon, so Svanir made some temporary repairs to the bridge before we crossed. Following Helegon's guidance we started travelling on the path to the Veil of Oderon. The trail soon got rough, so we couldn't travel at full speed with the carts.

24th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

The next day, we noticed that Hakkon was no longer with us. We got suspicious of foul play, since he would have told us if he needed to relieve himself. We tracked his scent off the trail and up a cliff. Gio climbed up, dropped a rope down and everyone else climbed up. We found tracks at the top that were not Hakkon's, but they were deep enough that it was likely they were carrying Hakkon as a captive. Continuing to follow the tracks we ran into a group of three orcs, who were quickly dispatched.

No Hakkon in sight, so we left the orc corpses behind and kept tracking until we spotted a man and two orc corpses hanging from a tree. At the man's feet lay Hakkon, immobile. The man was performing a ritual over a stone vessel containing the blood of the two hung orcs. Running up to stop him, Gio managed to stun him and we all landed a few hits. When he regained his composure, the man released a cloud of poison and vanished into thin air. After failing to find out where he went, we took Hakkon and went back to the 3 orc corpses.

We looted the bodies of the orcs, and found a few useful items. Hakkon recovered from his paralysis and persuaded us to go back and loot the bodies of the two hung orcs. We found some very nice equipment on them, so it was a goog thing Hakkon suggested checking them too. We made our way back to the dwarves and the carts and continued travelling toward the Vale of Oderon.

A New Friend Cometh
Ogres, Elves, Sabotage, and a new Goal


While a group of dwarves started working on building two carts, the rest of us spent time doing various things to get ready for the journey ahead of us. Roaran discovered that the mountain pass we would need to take was blocked by a landslide, so he took the rest of the draves there to clear the passage. Svanir spent most of the week hunting, curing rations, and scouting the area. He occasionally had the feeling that he was being watched, but never found anyone. Hakkon spent his time reminiscing with his mentor, Jakob, and learning to speak dwarven. Gio climbed the tallest of the narby moutains to get a look at the terrain of the region, spent some time attempting to converse with Richard, and eventually started working on a hot tub for bathing and keeping warm. While climing he discovered that his harness had been cut, and he nearly fell to his death.

One day, when 4 dwarves, Gio and Hakkon were working on various things in the outpost, yells and commotion were heard from outside. Hakkon and Gio went outside to see what the fuss was about when they saw a monster attacking the 4 dwarves working on the carts. One of the dwarves was already half-eaten by the blight ogre. While running to get into the fight, the ogre struck a viscious and powerful blow that obliterated a second dwarf. Gio reached the ogre but had trouble landing punches, and Hakkon mumbled a few spells, but was also unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Svanir had found some odd and unfamiliar tracks to the south and started to follow them as they made their way back toward the outpost. Still fighting the ogre, Gio was surprised as he was hit in the back of his head by a jolt of electricity. Looking back he and Hakkon saw the stranger who had launched the attack. Not sure if this newcomer was friend or foe, they continued fighting the blight ogre who nearly killed the third dwarf in a single slash.

Svanir arrived back at the south end of the outpost just in time to see the stranger hit Gio and the ogre with the bolt of lightning. The stranger launched another bolt of electricity, managing to miss Gio this time.  Not knowing if this stranger was friend or foe, Svanir, in his wolf form, tackled the stanger and held him pinned to the ground. The ogre gravely injured the last dwarf, who managed to keep his footing and keep swinging despite the injury. Finally landing some good blows, Gio and Hakkon defeated the blight ogre. Tired from the fight, Gio returned to his bed for a nap, while Hakkon tended to the wounded and Svanir introduced himself to the stranger, an elf named Helegon.

Svanir, Hakkon, and Gio continued to talk to Helegon as he told them his story. They learned that Helegon is searching for the Oathbreaker's Stone, which Gio figured must be the 'Stone Of Broken Oaths' that is one of the items he needs to find. The ony lead Helegon has is that the stone was taken by a man named Oderon, and the Vale of Oderon is within a weeks journey from the outpost. Helegon also revealed that it is more than 3 years later than we thought it was.

Winter 21st of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

Gio told Svanir about how his harness had been sabotaged, and they started to discuss who might have done it. Using the heightened sense of smell of his wolf form, Svanir thought that a knife possibly used to cut the harness had been recently used by one of the dwarves building the carts. We restrained the dwarf while he slept recovering from his injury. Then we woke him and asked if he cut the harness. He said it wasn't him and Hakkon did not thing he was lying, so Svanir cut him free. Still suspicious of the dwarves, we kept on guard through the night as we slept recovering from the events of the day.

So Much For That City
Run Away! Run Away!

Afternoon of the 23rd of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

After some discussion about what to do with Noble Fire Elemental, it was decided that we must take it with us. We decided that the best way to get it out was to blast a hole in the wall of the inner keep. Svanir and Roaran went looking for explosive barrels while Hakkon took Ol' Gimpy to his mentor and the rest of the dwarves. Unfortunately, none of the dwarves could identify Ol' Gimpy.

Svanir and Roaran placed two barrels near a corner of the keep and set them off, but the explosion barely made a dent in the wall Seeing this, the drwarves decided that they can do much better. They got more than a few barrels, placed them against the wall and placed rubble over them to direct the blast inward. The barrels exploded and left an opening in the wall. The opening wasn't quite big enough for the box, so the dwarves placed a few more barrels in the opening. The explosion widens the opening enough for the box to pass.

While Gio and the Dwarves got the box out of the keep, Svanir and Roaran swim across the lake to get a ferry from the other side. The ferry's rope was gone, so they swam the boat back to the keep. Meanwhile, the ground shook and the Never starts to boil up out from the basement of the keep.

With a renewed urgency, the dwarves loaded the box on the ferry and the party started swimming. The box was so heavy that the ferry was nearly overloaded. The Never continued to consume the keep. Immediately after reaching the lake shore, the Never started to drain the lake as is continued to expand.

We continued to run away from the Never, but were intercepted by strange monsters from the Never. The dwarves continued running as we fought off the monsters. Narrowly avoiding being swallowed into the Never, the monster was defeated and the we continued running. We ran back through the city as the ground kept shaking and the Never kept expanding. Passing through the rubble that used to be the city gate where we first entered, it was obvious that the Lord of Fades and his army of monsters had broken out of the city.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, we we once again ambushed. This time by a single large monster from the Never. He struck fear into the hearts of Svanir, Hakkon and Darr who took off running up the stairs. Roaran and Gio started fighting the monster. The monster opened more pockets of Never and Darr was sucked into one. The implosion of the pockets knocked the dwarves carrying the box off their feet and Svanir helped them to continue. The monster let out dreadful silent roar and Roaran took off running. Gio kept his resolve and continued fighting the monster, but he was weakening with every blow he landed. Now on the stair Roaran shot the monster with a bolt and it finally succumbed.

Running up the stairs, the party managed to get to the top of the cliff as the Never consumed the stairs below them. They crossed the threshold onto the Starlight Path, but the Never did not continue. Thoroughly exhausted, we all took a much needed rest just inside the Starlight Path.

24th of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

When we awoke in the morning we noticed that the Never had advanced inside the Starlight Path a few inches. It seemed that the Starlight Path would not hold the Never back much longer. We reached the first waypoint after a day's walk and rested there.

25th of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

We woke up and continued walking, fearful that the Never was close behind us. While we traveled we noticed that the path shook slightly once in a while. We reached the second waypoint at the end of the day and rested there.

26th of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

Another day of walking, but this time the shaking of the path was slighly worse than the day before. At the end of a day's walk we saw light at the end of the tunnel, but we also saw the Never coming up behind us. Hurrying to escape, we made it to the exit of the Starlight Path and into the canyon just in time. As we exited to the canyon expecting fresh Spring air, we intead met with the cold breath of early winter.

27th of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027 Winter

A storm set upon us as we walked through the canyon. Svanir and Roaran started hunting for rations, and we managed to fortfy our equipment with some fur since we were woefully unprepared for winter weather. After a long cold day of walking we made it to the canyon's first waypoint and tried to keep warm while resting.

28th of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027 Winter

The storm had cleared in the night, so we awoke to better weather and a less miserable day of travelling. The day was mostly uneventful and we were glad to be back resting after the day's walk.

1st of Langelysetid Year of Shaedow 1027  Winter

We walked all day long with more hope, since we knew that we would reach the outpost at the falls at the end of the day. Reaching the outpost we warmed ourselves by the fire and had our first truly restful sleep in so many days.

2nd of Langelysetid Year of Shaedow 1027  Winter

After tending to some small comforts, we started discussing what to do. We discovered that the next section of the Starlight Path had also collapsed, so we would have to travel the long way around. We decided to stay in the outpost for a week so that we could make carts to carry the box and other equipment. Gio decided to attempt to communicate with the Noble Fire Elemental. After making a few minor precautions and rigging up a fail-safe, Gio opened the large box, but it was to hot for even him to touch for more than a brief moment. The Noble was indeed very powerful.


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