Kannesh of Varakesh

Once a gatherer seller of illicit goods and narcotics now turned to gathering illicit knowledge and wisdom.


Kannesh of Varakesh

9th level Channeler, 45,000 xp total
39,450 after spells 5,550 needed
4,555 3/4

Con:14 2 (184)
Int:20 +5
Wis:12 +1
Cha:14 +2

BAB 6/1
FORT 3+2=5
REF 3+0=3
WIL 6+1=7

HP 57(75)/

9 Appriase
8 Bluff
11 Concentration
9 Decipher Script
9 Diplomacy
10 Gather Information
11 Knowledge (Arcana)
11 Knowledge (History)
11 Knowledge (Shadow)
3 Knowledge (Spirits)
4 Profession (Merchant)
2 Ride
11 Search
8 Speak Language
11 Spellcraft

Language points
Black Tongue
Erenlander – Free
Norther -
High Elven
Old Dwarven
Trader’s Tongue

5 Xtra feats
1 Fence
1 Flexbile Recovery
3 Ritual Magic
4 Magic Feat (Craft Spell Talisman)
6 Spellcasting (Abjuration)
7Magic Feat(Greater Spell Casting)
9 Spellcasting (Transmutation)

1 augury 1/day
2 rational discourse 1/day +10 circumstance bonus to bluff/diplomacy for 1 rd/lvl
3 hypnotism 1/day
4 augury 2/day
5 +1 int
6 modify memory 1/day
7 rational discourse 2/day
8 confusion 1/day
9 augury 3/day

Spell List
Level Learned

Spells Known
Protection from Evil
Conjuration, Greater
Summon Monster I
Conjuration, Lesser
Cure Light Wounds
Mage Armor
Unseen Servant
Detect Astirax*
Magic Weapon
Pass Without Trace

Obscure Object
Protection from Arrows
Conjuration, Lesser
Acid Arrow
Restoration, Lesser
Locate Object
Silver Blood*
Spider Climb

Dispel Magic
Magic Circle Against Evil
Conjuration, Greater
Summon Monster III
Conjuration, Lesser
Cure Serious Wounds
Flame Arrow
Magic Weapon, Greater

Fire Trap
Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser
Conjuration, Greater
Summon Nature’s Ally IV
Conjuration, Lesser
Black Tentacles
Cure Critical Wounds
Secure Shelter
Locate Creature
Silver Storm*
Spike Stones

Conjuration, Greater
Summon Nature’s Ally V
Conjuration, Lesser
Cure Light Wounds, Mass
Commune with Nature
Evocation, Lesser
Baleful Polymorph

Cure Light Wounds (1)
Restoration Lesser (2)
Locate Object (2)
Cure Serious Wounds (3)
Neutralize Poison (3)
Scrying (4)
Leomunds Secret Shelter (4)
Locate Creature (4)
Commune With Nature (5)

Cure Serious Wounds (3)
Summon Monster (III) (3) (5SE)
Stone Skin (4)
Cure Light Wounds, Mass (5)


Character Intro by Max:
Around three years ago an elven channeler claiming to be the “Warden of the East” arrived at the academy to discuss something of grave import with your master. Who then put out feelers to all his previous apprentices/students. If any had lore of Oderan, founder of the academy yours split from, and what became of him after he threw in with the Shaedow and caused the schism of the academy.

Your master would not give more details other than he needed to know of Oderan’s movements after the Schism and was evasive and vague when questioned further only stating that it was a matter of importance.

Intrigued you put your unique skills to use hunting down this knowledge and learned that Oderan hadn’t completely abandoned the old academy after all leaving it in the care of one of his magical creations, a dracolich. When he departed stories say Oderan was by himself.

While searching for any more details of Oderan you came across a gnome trader of wares and information who had some knowledge of Oderan to sell. An Elven Channeler months ago had come to him claiming to be the “Warden of the East”
and had inquired of a Vale in the Isefell mountains and had mentioned Oderan in their discussion. The elf got quite excited and left town that very night when he learned of the location.

Your research led you to believe that much of the knowlege of the original academy may have been left behind when Oderan departed under the care of the Dracolich. Rediscovering even just a piece of it would be a great find. Not to mention the intrigue of what this “Warden of the East” was after. So you set out to find the vale for yourself.

One night as you were nearing your target your camp was discovered and attacked by a large blue giant and two cave trolls. You were able to fell one of the cave trolls with your magic and badly wound the other but your spells seemed to have no or little effect on the strange blue giant who just laughed mockingly at you as you tried to strike him down with your craft. You were grappled and then bound in chains that prevented your channeling, you felt cut off from Aerth and her energy.

The past weeks you’ve been in a cage suspended from the ceiling of the blue giants lair. The lair is a large cave with a bone littered floor. No longer bound but still unable to cast for some reason. On the brink of starvation as you’ve not been able to bring your self to consume the raw scraps of meat he tosses at your cage.

The giant spends his time divided between reading tomes that look similiar from a distance to some of the most ancient texts of your order. And torturing other prisoners that were here when you arrived. Their number slowly dwindling you were convinced your turn would come soon enough.
Despondent, weak from hunger and inability to sleep due to the cage construction and the non-ending screams you were sure at first you were hallucinating.

The giant had a visitor the foul Varesh Morgaihn, Legate of the Shaedow and cruel ruler of your home city. Varesh most despised of human kind, none of the Wengirborne of Varekesh know what betrayal he made but it must have been great for human to be counted amongst the greatest in the hierarchy of the Shaedow. As you were contemplating this you started taking in other details of his orkish guard, the sounds of the cavern the smells. It was all too real to be a mere hallucination.

You couldn’t make out what they were discussing only picking out a few words.
“Sigurd” “Fortress” “Oderan” “Vor’sul” “Wyrm”. After a while they grew quiet and Varesh waved two orcs forward. They strained under the weight of the large heavy chest they bore. Kneeling before the giant they opened it and you were near blind from the glint off the gold and gems inside. The giant gave a nod and they closed the chest while another ork brought forward a human bound and gagged. For a moment you again thought you must be hallucinating as he appeared to be a simple woodsman and in no way conjured an image in your mind of one worthy of the attentions of Legate Varesh Morgaihn most damned of men.

Varesh turned to leave and the Giant spoke and pointed. You could see a smirk flick the corner of Varesh’s mouth for just a second and he chuckled and nodded. With a wave of his hand two of the Orks froze solid. A feat that you’ve not been able to put out of your mind. For he left and they stayed that way for hours frozen in the cage where the giant placed them. Well beyond the duration of any similar casting that you have ever been aware of.

The Giant over the next days and then weeks set to torturing the man. You were sickened by the thought that the Blue Giant was an artist of pain. He asked no questions at first. Taking his time. A cut here and then off to read.
Maybe then a burn. Slowly and painfully he worked his victim taking greater care then that of all the others before him combined. You felt elation that this slow arduous process served to postpone your date under the giants ministrations and shame that you should be elated by the pain this stranger
was enduring for days on end. Then the real torture began and the man
started to talk between sobs and shrieks. At last he was quiet except for a quiet whimper now and again.

By some unknown cue Varesh showed up again at the end and had a long discussion with the giant. The giant talked at first to great length. At the end Varesh asked a few questions and turned to leave.

Intro/Backstory by Raddu:
Kannesh closed his eyes and tried to remember anything the tortured man had said. His shame drove him in this, as much as his thirst for knowledge ever had. When nothing would come to him he swore he would remember the five words he had overheard Morghain utter, “Sigurd” “Fortress” “Oderan” “Vor’sul” “Wyrm”. They became like a mantra to him and the soothing cadence lulled him to a dreamlike state a form of self-hypnosis.

His fight against the Shaedow and specifically against Varesh had consumed his life. That Varesh was somehow involved in his current quest only confirmed his reasons for starting it.

The Crown and Star entered his consciousness as it often did, guiding him. These powerful symbols for which his lodge was named after, The Crown for nobility and honor, not a nobility of the blood, but of the heart and soul and The Star for knowledge, outwardly knowledge of all things on Aerth, but inwardly, like the Crown, knowledge of the heart and soul.

Should he return to Muolgur, his Father in the Way and tell him of Varesh apparent interest in Oderon or continue on and discover himself? Moulgur, Kannesh had much to thank the old man for. When he was seedy fence selling illicit drugs and magical paraphernalia on the alabaster towers of Varakesh Moulgur had saved him from himself. Saved him from using his considerable talents to push down the common folk who came to him because they had to. Moulgur found that he had an eye for the arcane, but Kannesh often dealt with the dark channelers as well as the light. At the time it didn’t matter who had the coin, it’s all Kannesh wanted. He tried to fill the void in his soul with it, with drugs, with women in the humid carnal dens, but it didn’t help. Moulgur took a chance on Kannesh and showed him the Lodge of the Crown and Star and his life had never been the same since.

The Lodge was more than a place to simply learn magic, it was a place to learn about oneself and the role you played in the Great Web. As Nexus’ were fonts of power and the ley lines energy that flowed between them so too is each creature connected to others around it. But much knowledge about the Great Web and Nexus’, both internal and external had been lost. Kannesh would find as much as he could, so other’s could benefit from it like he did. He would find it and preserve it so in time the Shaedow and his wicked followers could be overthrown, not with the strength of a sword or the energy from a spell, but with the strength of the soul, fortified with teachings from the Lodge of the Crown and Star.

Kannesh of Varakesh

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