Rashid Haremdi

An older, well-travelled Ranger from the south



Ranger / Quickened

| STR | 14 | +2
| DEX | 20 | +5
| CON | 13 | +1
| INT | 10 | +0
| WIS | 18 | +4
| CHA | 6  | -2
  • AC: 10 base + 4 armor + 5 dex + 2 dodge = 21
  • HP: 64
  • Speed: 40
  • BAB: +11 / +6 / +1
  • INI: 5 DEX + 6 MISC = 11
  • Fortitude save: 7 base + 1 ability = 8
  • Reflex save: 7 base + 5 ability = 12
  • Will save: 3 base + 4 ability = 7


Class Feats

  • Endurance
  • Track
  • Wild Empathy
  • Animal Companion (Eagle)
  • Evasion
  • Woodland Stride
  • Rapid Shot
  • Many Shot
  • Improved Precise Shot
  • Burst of Speed (2x/day)
  • Racial Enemy (Giant) (+4)
  • Racial Enemy (Monstrous Humanoid) (+4)
  • Racial Enemy (Construct) (+2)

Other Feats

  • Point-Blank Shot
  • Precise Shot
  • Weapon Focus (Longbow)
  • Weapon Specialization (Longbow)
  • Ranged Weapon Mastery (Longbow)

Rashid Haremdi was born a slave, and at an early age was brought on a forced march in Winter. Being young and underfed, he collapsed along the road after several weeks, and (being young and underfed) was left instead of eaten by the orcs driving the slaves along. Rashid lived through this, and still doesn’t know how, but doesn’t feel any higher meaning in it. Maybe someone else would see it as a sign. Foraging for weeks, Rashid saw a campfire in the distance one night, and made his way towards it, where he met a small group of hunters who fed him, treated his frostbite, and gave him clothes. He stayed with them for several years learning how to hunt, shoot a bow, track animals, and stay out of sight when orcs and worse come marching.

One night, he woke to the sound of orcs in the camp, and again found himself marching in chains. The warband that captured him and his fellow hunters brought them to a large army and corralled them with other slaves. There he stayed for weeks, and learned of rumors of cities free of Shadow far in the East. Determined to be in a place free of the Shadow, he managed to escape one night through a lot of luck and a little blade-work. For years he travelled east, following rumors of cities free of the Shadow’s long reach. Each town he stopped at said they were North, or he was too far West, or there was a city far to the South, or an island on the other side of the horizon. Always past the horizon.

Traders and sea-men talked of how Varakesh, The Alabaster city was was ruled by a Human to whom even orks deferred. A city where it was rumored anything was possible, many of the shadows blutrecht laws were relaxed and even ignored. The Wengirborne could rise to postions of importance and power.

Arriving Rashid was disappointed. Varesh the human ruler was no agent of freedom but a willing servent of the Shadow. Any relaxation of the Shadows law were were only at the benefit and whim of Varesh who was every bit as cruel and evil and twice as cunning as any that served the shadow. The journy did serve him will in one regard, Varakesh was a city of great learning and loose tongues. Many more numerous were the rumors of a land free of the shadow for one who know where to look and how to listen.

Years turned to decades, and Rashid became adept at avoiding patrols where possible, or raining arrows in the night to survive, but decades take their toll on a man; no one wants to fight to survive, and no one wants to fight an unstoppable enemy. Rashid never wanted to be a hero—he’s never risked his neck to save someone in the hands of Shadow troops (except himself), but doesn’t enjoy seeing that happen to others. He’s not out to free anyone from Shadow, and wants to find the one place where he can sleep without a blade next to him.

Following yet one more rumor, this one of a castle near a monastery high in the mountains where Shadows can’t tread.

Additional backstory

_A few months back winter on the horizon Rashid found himself approaching the Isfjell mountains searching for a city named four-wells. Rashid had heard it whispered that four-wells and the surrounding mountains were under the control of of one named Oderan. Some claimed him a great wizard of an ancient age who had found a way to cheat death and the shadow. Others claimed him one of the last of the true wyrms. All were unanimous in prouncing the heart of the Isfjells were Oderans to control and that deep deep in the heart of the mountains civilization free of the shadow could be found.

Rashid set out from the elves of the Western Ward, and their forests to the far north-west. On his journy he came across a slave-boy Samfjen(Sam-Yon) who had fought his way free from an orc miner who had taken him as a slave and play thing. Being young an inexperienced Samfjen soon learned that breaking free of the orc was only half the battle. He was ill equiped and had insufficient woodlore to survive off the land. Rashid found him on the brink of death, exposed to the elements and malnourished and memories of a similiar young boy sprang to mind.

Rashid though not out to save any from the shadow felt moved by this twist of fate that would bring his own tale back full circle upon him. Now the wise woodsmaster he took the boy into his camp and nursed him back to health. Telling the boy tales of the mythical land free of the shadow he promised to lead the boy there, teaching him survival craft along the way.

Obsessed with his search and not wanting to raise a family under the Shadow, Rashid never had children of his own. And in Samfjen he’d found someone one he could pass his learning on to, someone he could take under his wing, someone with whom to share the victory when he crossed the finish line of his life long marathon search and arrived in a town free of the Shadow. Four-wells was just weeks away and Rashid knew that this was it. This was the tale, this was the place, there would be no Shadow. He was further elated when they came upon an encampent of trappers and hunters who knew of Four-wells and confirmed the tales, they had personally been there.

But, fate is fickle and the circle was not yet closed. Rashid once again stared into the face of that long time friend and compainion, disppointment. The hunters and trappers had turned on Rashid and Samfjen while they slept. The entire encampment took them, they explained that the ruler here demanded tribute and it was decided that the Samfjen young and thanks to Rashid’s minstrations healthy would serve nicely. Rashid would be spared but as they could not have him interferring he would be left here bound. Should he free himself after they had left it was as fate should have it and he was free. If not then it was to be considered the Isfjells do.

Struggling against his bonds Rashid could only watch as the group led his protege off to his death. Working furiously he managed to slip his bonds and began to track the group whose woodlore were no match for the old master. He tracked them to a valley which housed what he could only count as an army of Dragonmen. He watched from a distant peak as the boy turned over to the Dragonmen, the hunters averted their heads as Samfjen was dragged forward. Out of a cave in the southren most peak of the valley a shadowy figure descended, as it dropped lower out of the suns glare Rashid could see it was a large Dragon with six-legs.

The six-legged dragon landed before prostrate men who all cowerd and trembled in fear. While two of the Dragonmen held Samfjen by the arms a third came behind him and pulled his head up, as Samfjen’s gaze fell upon the beast before him his struggles stopped as he seemed oddly frozen in place.

Apparently the hunters had miss-estimated the youths value for one of the Dragonmen strode forward and claimed another tribute. Throwing the chosen hunter from the group forward. When he landed the hunter made the mistake of glancing up, and he too was frozen in place.

Rashid watched as the two frozen bodies were carried out from the valley through a gated wall at the northeast end of the valley. Exploring in the middle of the night Rashid found an abandoned town just outside the valley. The bodies had been taken to a fenced park of sorts on the edge of town. The park was filled with statue upon statue all in a state of fright or supplication. Rashid was confused at first and frantic searching for Samfjen’s body with hopes that prehaps there was still something that could be done for him. It was long minutes before it hit Rashid. He had found Samfjen or a statue of him. The beast had somehow turned it’s “offerings” to stone.

Dispair set in and it was only the first rays of the rising sun that brought Rashid to enough to realize he needed to find a better place to hide then amongst the Dragons offerings. Keeping to the Shadows Rashid made his way the basement of an abaondoned building. The only way out of the town offered no cover from the surounding watchtowers. Rashid would have to wait until night.

That night sneaking out under cover of darkness Rashid heard discusion off in the distance. Approaching close enough to make out what they were discussing Rashid heard two Dragonmen discussing an ambush while others stood to attention watching the darkness.

The first was to lead an assault on some group that the Dragonmen deemed heavily valued by the Shadow. He was not to kill any more of them then neccesary. The assulat was to take place in some cave to the northwest of here and was to serve as a diversion while the second brought reinforements to lay siege to the cave. Their plan was to take as many of the shadow-foe alive as possible and not let them escape back to the lands of “Wrathstorm” where neither Drake or Shadow could touch them.

And so begins the next cycle thought Rashid. If he could only help these Shadow-foes escape the cave they could take him with to the lands of “Wrathstorm” where ever that was.

Rashid Haremdi

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