Aslan Lightbringer

Channeler - Healer Heroic Path



Aslan Lightbringer is a 110 year old snow elf. He is 4’11” tall and weighs 97lbs. Despite his small size and light weight however he is resilient, resourceful, and quick. Born in the remote Elven city of Icewind Vale (one of 4 Elven cities hidden within the mountain ranges) Aslan grew up with no knowledge of the outside world or the Demon King’s rule of it. As the only child of regions head of state Aslan lead a life of luxury. He was provided an exceptional education including reading, writing, and even the art of ancient Elven magics. It was this lavish life, in which his every whim was provided for that also caused him to not be well liked by most. Many of his people believed him nothing more then a spoiled, whiny coward. All of this changed however when the Demon King and his evil followers discovered the Elves hidden sanctuary. An epic battle ensued as the Elves called upon ancient magics to protect themselves from the forces of darkness. Over the next 20 years the cities fell one by one until all that remained was Aslan’s childhood home. Redoubling their efforts the evil forces overpowered the Elven magic and lay waste to the city. Those not killed were shackled and made slaves. Aslan’s Father Thalion was killed in the battle only to rise again as a Fell slave. His Mother Eruiel, after being repeatedly raped and beaten by her captives took for over 7 years burned herself alive in order to end her torture and ensure she could not return as a Fell slave. Shortly after his mother’s death Aslan, determined to escape, used his powers to unlock all of the slaves shackles one night and escaped in the ensuing chaos. For 5 years Aslan wandered the wilderness. He learned to survive and commune with nature, keeping a constant eye out for pursuers. One day he encountered an elderly human woman in the mountains. He watched her for several hours before deciding it safe to approach and find out who she was and what she was doing. The old woman introduced herself as ____ and informed Aslan she was in search of a special root she needed to help save her town from a terrible outbreak of disease. She had searched for several days but had been unable to find the root. Using his knowledge of the wilderness Aslan helped her found the root and followed her back to her town. The healer was able to produce an elixir that saved the towns folk and asked Aslan to stay with her and become her apprentice. It was soon discovered that Aslan seemed born to healing and displayed an amazing natural healing ability. He made the village his home and despite his regular whining, cowardly ways and superiority complex the townsfolk tolerated him for his healing gifts.

Aslan Lightbringer

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