Roaran Thunderclaw

Catfolk Wilderness Rogue



Until a week ago Roaran Thunderclaw life was fairly uncomplicated. The son of Sahdi and Nera Thunderclaw, the proprietors of a small Inn on the outskirts of Nordhjeim called The Bent Arrow. Growing up Roaran was always surrounded by gamblers, scoundrels, local gossip, and wondrous stories of the outside world. Growing up Roaran was a very charismatic character, and became well known by many in the community. As he grew older Roaran learned much from those who visited his families Inn but he seemed to excel in skills that allowed him to utilize his great dexterity and charisma. Around age 15 Roaran began helping his family by hunting local game for his families Inn. He became such a good hunter that he was able to not only supply his families Inn with meat, but began selling the excess meat to the local butcher Jenner Häutenmeister owner of The Wild Carnivore where he came to know another local hunter by the name of Svenir. Although not great acquaintances the two have a friendly rivalry and often tease one another about who has provided Jenner with the most and the best meat. Last week Roaran celebrated his 20th birthday and his father Sahdi revealed to Roaran his families great secret. Now he is left to contemplate what affect it will have on his destiny.

Roaran Thunderclaw

Age of Shaedow calexander