Age of Shaedow

Things that go bump in the night.

Exploding dwarvs and falling Wildlanders.

7th of Såningtid Year of Shaedow 1027

After parting ways with their dear friend Fluffy our intrepid adventurers debated how best to find the starlit path. After reviewing the instructions of Scai Xefyaz it was decided that

“Set forth from the summit of the lost mount 3 days and 5 nights along the starlit path from Tirami’s shame”

meant they would need to be at the summit of Tirami’s shame to see or find the starlit path. There was some debate as to if it mattered when they were looking and some more between Roaran and Svanir as to the best path to take them to the summit. Roaran finally convinced the group that the best was to head east across the glacier. The party set out around the back side of the mountain to the south of Tirami’s Shame.

The soon spotted ahead what looked like the site of a months old battle. Ever wary and still on edge from their encounter with a Carrion Stag weeks before they approached carefully on the look out for Fell. Roaran spotted what looked like a dead dwarf on a ledge some 20’ above that they would have to pass under. He loosed a bolt from his crossbow into the cliff face next to the corpse in a cunning plan to rouse the Fell which was laying in wait. The plan was successful and the dead dwarf was indeed a risen Fell and started to pull its way forward.

A battle ensued with the Fell that were on the ground and the Fell from above dropped down and pulled his way to the group. It was noticed at this point that he was only the upper half of the dwarf. The party dispatched the Fell, and discovered yet another trying to make his way up a stone face from below them. Svanir found a large boulder took careful aim and waited until the Fell was near the top before letting it drop on its face. The boulder slammed into the fell and drove it head first into the ground below with a horrendous splat.

Continuing on to the glacier the party made its precarious way across , slipping, sliding and spilling the entire way across. On one such tumble that Svanir and Roaran took into each other they noticed to the North and West a twinkling coming form a patch of trees and shrubbery growing out of a crevasse. Try as they might they could not catch another twinkle and after some discussion it was agreed to head back as the opposite direction was the quickest route to that crevasse.

Dangling on a rope Dar was lowered into the crevasse like some kind of overgrown cat toy. Dar soon discovered an entrance to a pitch black cavern/cave out of whose mouth came a 30’ wide bridge made of some strange material he had never encountered before. The bridge only extended a handful of feet from the mouth before breaking off in a jagged edge. The material was light absorbing black speckled with bits of twinkling light. They were sure they had found the starlit path.

The strange black material of the starlit path swallowed all light except for the the glinting star specks. Carefully exploring they found the roadway to be about 30’ wide and suspended in nothingness, There were no visible walls, floor or ceiling and their lantern light was swallowed by the abyss.

They came to a 30’ section that had been dropped. Securing Roaran with ropes he decided to take the leap. The was spectacular and graceful, Roaran seemed to glide across landing safe on the far side of the chasm. Dar was emboldened by his kindred’s leap and took a jump himself with a second rope.

This jump was even more impressive than the first. The party startedfeeling pretty good at this point. Giovani slapped on a mountaineers harness that he has, with the ropes held on one end by the 2 catfolk and the other by the Aronal and Svanir. Giovani easily slid himself across and it was decided it was now the Aronal’s turn as he was the heaviest by far.

Giovani slid his harness back across for Aronal and everyone managed to hold steady and support Aronal’s vast bulkd as he worked his was across the abyss.

Spirits were soaring and the party felt relaxed as Svanir is left and he should be able to make the leap no problem. The gear is tied with one of the ropes and hauled across. Svanir tied himself up with the remaining rope toke a running start and flung himself into the void. Svanir failed at least twice as spectacularly as the catfolk succeeded, making it not quite half the distance arms and legs windmilling as he dropped into the void.

Roaran was not prepared for the jolt of Svanirs mass and had the rope yanked from his hands. Being the strongest of those already across, Roaran dropping the rope caused the rest of the party to scramble to dig in and hold the line. If not for Giovanis quickness and Svanir would have plummeted instead of take a few nasty jolts. The rest of the party dug in and managed to hold until Roaran was able to reset. After hauling Svanir up and out of the void all took a quiet moment to rest and reflect on the near calamity and their exuberant confidence leading up to it.

Following the ever descending starlit path about a mile further down and west into the mountains the party discovered a chamber made from the same material as the path. Circular and 60’ in diameter the chamber was near empty. As with the path the part discovers they can find no seams and its as if the chamber is all of one piece.

In the center of the room the group found a circular indentation 3’ in diameter and 6” deep another indentation in that of a star and another smaller star indentation in that. Surrounding the indentation/s are 5 symbols. Facing the entrance they just came from is a crescent moon(3 o’clock), at 12 is a symbol that looks like mountains with a sun rising or setting behind them, at 9 is the constellation of the hammer, Between 7 and 8 are snow flakes and between 5 and 4 is a skull.

The only other items in the chamber stand by the wall opposite the entrance are a raised sarcophagus to the left and right of which are small pillars with “magic” candles. The pillers have a 3’ diameter circular base that is 2’ tall. its diameter narrows and takes on a star shape after that and then narrows again to another smaller star.

Everything the sarcophagus, the dias it is on the pillars and candles are all made from the same light swallowing star speckled material. Each is one piece with no seams, marks, or visibly worked. These are the only pieces that aren’t part of the whole. The candles look like candles made from the starlit material but are wickless and the small flame that flickers above each comes from some unknown fuel source.

Forced to stop or go back the party takes some time to discuss what they’ve found in the room. Reluctant to approach the sarcophagus the group stays near the entrance before cautiously approaching the indentation in the center of the room. Examining the inscriptions surrounding the indentation the strike upon the idea that it is a puzzle or combination lock of some kind and is related to their directions of setting our 3 days and 5 nights from Tirami’s shame. They think the mountains with the rising sun must be day and the the stars or the moon night. OR maybe one suggests it is a setting sun and hence night.

The party decides they could debate all night and the only way to figure it out is to start experimenting. Still wary of the sarcophagus and not wanting to disturb whatever they were sure lurked inside the slowly approached one of the pilers feeling they were part of the puzzle. As they approached, the sarcophagus slid open and a dwarven golem made from the same material steps out and informs them the starlit path has been closed to all travellers. He is holding a large crossbow that looks like it has an axe head at the end.

Giovani, apparently not the best choice for a diplomat, informs him that they are on an important quest and will be opening the starlit path. The guardian informs them he can not allow that and asks them to leave in peace. The monk replies, “isn’t going to happen” and nearly takes a bolt to the chest that surely would have struck anyone else not so damn quick…

After a collective moment of dread from the party who didn’t really want to fight the chambers guardian they resolved themselves to the combat and have at it. A long gruelling battle ensued that took a all the party had. After getting knocked about left and right they pulled out a victory at the last second as a near dead Svanir landed the killing blow. Unfortunately the guardian exploded in a cloud of light eating black dust and sparkly star like dust. Everyone dived for cover and all escaped the explosion and following whirlwind with only a few minor abrasions.

The dust continued to swirl around a bit and then was sucked back into the sarcophagus where the party fears the guardian will regenerate, their only thoughts as the sarcophagus were how much time if any would they have before the guardian was back to exact his revenge.


Great, as soon as I start taking notes, someone else writes the log…

Things that go bump in the night.

I was bored waiting on a call and thought I would jot down a rough outline. Feel free to embellish from the notes.

Things that go bump in the night.

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