Age of Shaedow


Open, Close, Open, Close: Nogleh the Doorman

4th of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

The night passed without incident while Aslan tended to the wounded sleeping inside our magic fortified house. Since our presence was known to the lizardmen who were waiting further inside, we were cautious as we left our safe haven. Roaran proceeded down the stairs wary of an ambush, but found the room empty. He beckoned to us and we proceeded to move down the stairs, but as the fifth person moved into the room, a trap sprung that made us all slower than normal. Luckily, Aslan was able to fix that by using his haste spell to cancel out the effect and even making a few of us faster.

Listening at the door ahead of us and we knew that there were foes in the next room. We opened the door and were immediately bombarded with blasts and bolts. Running through the door and tumbling around a lizardman, Gio sped toward a new enemy who looked like a cross between a snake and a woman. Unfortunately as he crossed the room, a trap was triggered that burst with negative energy. Fortunately, the energy blast was not too powerful, but was still a hindrance. Some of the party opted to back up the stairs to avoid any fireballs or other spells that may be lauched by the lizardmen in the room.

Continuing to fight, more traps were set off as more of the party entered the room. We killed several of the lizardmen, but the snakewoman cast a spell of grabbing tentacles that were the same as the ones Kannesh had cast a few days earlier. A few of us were caught in its grip. The snakewoman conjured a cloud of poison that began to damage the our health. The cloud expanded and filled the room as Grak killed the snakewoman, who thankfully did not explode. Seeking refuge from the poison, Roran opened a nearby door and went through. Gio listened at the door nearest him, but heard movement behind it. He went to the same door as Roran and passed through. He was soon followed by Grak, Zieblen and Rashid.

They were cut off from the rest of the party, because no one wanted to risk passing through the poison. There were five doors in the corridor where they were forced to wait for the poison to recede. Gio quickly glanced around to ensure there was no immediate threat, opened one of the four doors on the right side of the hallway and took a nap after finding a modestly furnished sleeping quarters. Grak and Rashid explored the classroom that was behind the single door on the left wall, but found nothing interesting. We settled down and rested for a few hours until the posion was gone.

Unified, the party started discussing where to go next. Remembering that Gio had avoiding going through the door straight ahead, we began to plan our attack on the monsters in the next room. The discussion continued for a while before anyone noticed that Gio was missing. Roaran found him still sleeping, and ‘pursuaded’ him to wake up. Eventually we decided that Nogleh would handle opening and closing the door while the rest of us stood back and made ranged attacks, except for Gio who opted to run in and out quickly.

The lizardmen on the other side of the door were waiting for the door to open and they launched their fireballs at everyone who was taking aim on the other side of the door. Gio was hit by a blast of lightning that travelled back and arced across a few others. After we all got a few shots off, Nogleh closed the door, but not before Roaran went invisible and went to attack. Not content to wait around, Grundar opened the door and approached the lizardmen. Grak and Zieblen soon followed. Gio, injured with lighting, decided to use Richard instead, since the snakes inside would not explode from Richard’s leathal attacks. After waiting for the door to re-open Richard moved to attack a snake in the corner behind some bookshelves.

As the lizardmen started to fall dead, the three standing snakemen in the corners of the room switched their aim toward a pool of water in the center of the room, and loaded their crossbows with a bolt tipped with a gem. Svanir attempted to block the shots, but the first managed to land in the pool. The center of the room exploded in a blast of fire that decimated the remaining wooden furnishings and moss covering the floor. Grak, Zieblen, Richard, Grundar and Roaran moved to kill the remaining snakemen and managed to do so before they fired their shots. The last of the enemys were soon slain and we returned to the previous room to hold our ground.



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