Age of Shaedow

Over the Edge

And Down the Rabbit Hole

Night of the 2nd of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

We decided to sleep in the nearby building. We convinced Aslan to meditate for 4 hours, tend to our injures and use some spells, and then meditate again to regain his magic.  We were plenty tired, so we didn't mind spending some extra time resting.

3rd of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

In the morning we started to discuss how exactly we would get down the cliff to the ledge 50 feet below. Rashid's eagle scouted and saw a half-dozen lizardmen on the ledge waiting. Grak volunteered to have himself and Zieblen tie themselves to some rope, jump off the edge and swing down to the ledge below. We eventuall found that we could secure the end of the rope to the stone staircase inside the building. 

Grak and Zieblen bravely jumped and successfully made it to the ledge with only a few scratches. They immediately set to slaughtering the lizardmen on the ledge who exploded one after another. One lizardmen exploded in a blast of negative energy that severly weakened Grak, Zieblen, and Svanir who (unknown to the rest of us) was flying around as an eagle.

We started taking turns jumping down two at a time, until only Nolgeh and Gio were left at the top. Nolgeh asked that the rope be held taught and then proceeded to climb down, rather than climbing. Gio untied the end of the rope from the staircase, fastened it to his harness, floated down 40 feet along the cliff wall next to the ledges, and then jumped and tumbled the last 10 feet, showing off.

Looking up we saw an incredible sight. The underside of the ledge above us had turned into a night sky, even in the bright light of the mid-morning sun. We turned our attention to the staircase that lead down and into the cliff. This was the entrance to the secret path that would take us to the Vale of Oderon. Roaran decided to use a new spell he had gained to turn invisible and scout the room 30 feet down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs he found six lizardmen who had no idea he was there. He move silently next to two of them and unleashed a barrage of sneak attacks that left the two fire types devastated. They exploded, and their blasts killed the other four lizardmen who were also standing in the cramped room. They reacted with their own blasts of lighting. Roaran standing in the middle of this small armagedon, managed to evade the blasts and remain unharmed. The sound of the explosions alerted more lizardmen deeper in the dungeon.

With only minutes to spare before the arrival of the reinforcements, Roran came back outside and we started to discuss strategy. We positioned ourselves so that Grak and Zieblen could attack anyone who emerged at the top of the staircase. The rest of us took positions where we could not be seen by someone coming up the stairs.

Not long after fire and lightning type lizardmen starting coming out. We moved to block their progress, using the narrow stairs as a bottleneck. Unfortunately this cause us to gather around close the top of the stairs. As each lizardmen emerged the fireballs they unleashed or the explosions they left in the wake of their deaths were causing untold amounts of damage to us. Nolgeh and SS'Kai started to tie the rope off, hoping to lower themselved over the side of the ledge and gain some protection.

Gio decided that it would probably be safer at the bottom of the stairs because of the amount of explosions occuring. He tumbled down the stairs right through the enemies queued for their deaths. He managed to beat up a lizardman at the bottom. Soon only three lizardmen remained standing: two lighting types who were trying to catch Gio who dodge and darted around the small room, and a forboding robed lightningman. Despite Nolgeh's warning to not kill the robed lizardman, Roaran marched down the stairs and sliced him with his blade. The robed lizardman exploded with negative energy hitting Roarn, Gio, Rashid, and the other two lizardmen, leaving them all weakened and not very effective.

With more capable allies coming down the stairs, Gio soon gave up trying to hit the lizardmen and tried to tumble away, but was unsuccessful as a lizardman hit him with his sword. Zieblen quickly moved in to finish them off, having been healed by a magical bracelet that saved him from death.

We were all very injured, so we decided that we needed to rest. Fearing more reinforcements from the depths of the dungeon, we cast a secure shelter that narrowly fit on the ledge and sought refuge inside.



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