Age of Shaedow

Night of the Living Fools

All Fools Day (Except for SS'Kai)

Evening of the 2nd of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

Most of us were fairly wounded from the battle, so we began to explore our options for finding a safe place to rest. We discovered three staffs in the ground that exploded with electricity whenever touched. Still curious about the locked building, Grak smashed his way in due to the lack of locks for Roaran to pick. Once inside, we discovered that the first floor was mostly empty. Grak found a hatch to the basement and went down.

At the bottom of the stairs he discovered another fire type lizardman, who managed to breathe fire before being killed and exploding in fire. The now flaming basement was too hot for even Gio to dare enter. Roaran proceeded to check the second floor, but was surprised by the familiar taunts of the Southrend(sp?) Priest. He broke Roaran's will, leaving him paralyzed, and kicked him off the staircase. Roaran's fall the the first floor alerted everyone nearby, most of whom came rushing into the building.

The priest animated a large stone dragon in a corner of the first floor much to the surprise of those who were rushing to get into the building. The battle with the dragon ensued. Two fire type lizardmen appeared on the second floor near the priest, and started to unleash their fiery fury. The priest started to paralyze us one by one, as members of the party started to leave or dropped to the floor after taking a beating from the dragon. It was looking like we would not win this battle.

Gio dodged past his paralyzed comrades and past the dragon to face the priest and his minions. But this only ended in him getting paralyzed. Those of us who had enough common sense to stay out of the building started to dart inside and drag the paralyzed and wounded out to (relative) safety. Grak landed a series of strong blows on the stone dragon, which crumbled into rubble. Grundar ran upstairs to grab Gio, but was knocked unconscious just as he started to leave. One lizardman had been slain, but the priest and another still remained. As Grak made his attacks against the priest, SS'Kai appeared out of thin air, behind the priest. The image of the priest wavered and dissolved into a robe-wearing lizardman who had SS'Kai's sword though his torso.

As the lizardman who had appeared as the priest fell to the ground, all those who had been paralyzed or severely injured discovered the could move and were not as badly injured as it had seemed. Fearing that Grak would kill the last lizardman and cause him to explode, possibly killing a few of us who were close by, Gio quickly ran to the second floor and landed several hard kicks and punches that rendered the lizardman unconsious. Everyone rushed out of the burning building, as Aslan created a large amount of water out of thin air and extinguished the flames. Gio dragged the lizardman to the cliff and pushed him over, just as he had done after the previous battle.

As we searched the charred and blackened building for anything interesting or of use, we discussed our plans for resting the night. We were all much more injured than a simple eight hour rest would heal, so we considered resting longer. SS'Kai informed us that 50 feet down the cliff was the entrance to the secret passage into the Vale and that it was guarded, so we also considered going back to where we slept the night before, presuming it more safe.



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