Age of Shaedow

It Started Off Easy

And then came Fluffy

With a rescue in mind we began to scout the orc camp on the eve of the 28th of Regntid. Roaran scouted the camp and the orcs fortunately underestimated his sneakiness. After much dicussion a plan was formed and the adventurers sprung into action.

Roaran stealthily freed the horse which ran away from camp, forcing the only awake (and present) orc to pursue it. With an ungaurded camp, Roaran, Svanir, and Giovanni entered the camp, and slew three orcs in their sleep. Meanwhile, Aronal went to free the prisoners.

Soon, the orc on gaurd returned to camp with the horse while the adventurers attempted to hide for an ambush. Although not completely successful at hiding, the ambush by Roran and Svenir went well, and Aronal freed several prisoners.

The last orc, who was on patrol killed one of the prisoners with a bolt though the forehead. Giovanni pursued the patrolling orc, but the orc was ultimitely slain by Svenir?.

After making an acquaintence with one of the prisoners, Dar, the group continued on their way to Tirami's Shame.

6 days later they arrived at the edge of a valley with a dwarf town now overrun by orcs. The town was Tirami's home. After making camp and encountering a bear named Fluffy the group started looking for the Starlight path that they were told to follow.

With a night gone and no path evident it was decided that they must go to the summit of a nearby mountain where an ancient dwarven keep stands. With a valley of orcs in their way, the group must find some way to the summit.


I couldn’t remember some names and specific details, so please make changes and fill things in wherever you like.

It Started Off Easy

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