Age of Shaedow

Chain Reactions

There was a Firefight!!!

Evening of the 1st of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

Tired from the battles of the day, we sought a safe place to rest for the night. Gio quickly scouted the burning building, finding nothing of value inside. Aslan put the flames out by creating an large amount of water out of thin air. The healers tended to the wounded, and we rested for the night.

2nd of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

The next morning, we gathered our equipment and continued down the path ahead. Traveling on a narrow ledge, with cliff above on one side and cliff below on the other, we proceeded single file. Svanir scouted ahead, stealthy in his incorporeal state. He discovered that the path opened up ahead, but waiting there was a large group of lizardmen. Some were the same as the ones who exploded the previous day with fire and lightning. They were mostly grouped together, and could possible start a violent and dangerous chain reaction. We formulated a plan at a considerable distance to avoid detection, and set it into motion.

First, Aslan hasted as many as he could, so that it would take less time to travel several hundred feet to the lizardmen. Next, Grak and Gio ran to take position. Grak running first to go straight to the front line. Gio stopped just short to climb the cliff to the position of a fire type lizardman. Kannesh, suddenly able to fly, went up high and came down from above, hoping to distract the lizardmen from the approaching group and cast a spell causing many black tentacles to spring from the earth and hold the mass of the lizard men where they were. Svanir carried Rashid to a position where he was able to launch a volley of arrows at a fire type lizardmen who was standing at the center of the held mass of lizardmen. The arrows were devastating, as the fire type lizardmen exploded, causing lightning and cold types around him to burst. When the chaos settled, nearly a dozen foes had fallen, a crushing blow but the fight was stil just beginning.

The others ran as far as they could, most stopping where Gio prevented them from running further, or lagging far behind.

Grak started killing lizardmen one after another, ignoring the explosions that resulted. Svanir and Rashid flew to a building on the other side of the fight and discovered that it is locked. Gio climbed very fast to get up to the second fire type lizardman. Kannesh kept slinging spells from high above the battle. Lightning kept arcing and fireballs were exploding left and right. The remaining fire type lizardman sacrificed his wooden perch in a blast of fire. Those who were lagging behind kept doing so.

Grak moved to slay remaining lizardmen, getting wounded more and more with each kill. Gio attacked the flaming wooden tower, to knock it down sooner. Rashid kept his distance, firing shots when he could. Roaran climbed a ladder up to give Gio a hand, but was quickly discouraged by a fireball.

The wooden tower collapsed in fire, and Gio moved to attack the last remaining lizardmen, trying to knock him out rather than kill him. After a few shots from Rashid, the lizardmen was looking injured, and Gio yelled at everyone else to get away in case he exploded. With a few good blows, Gio managed to knock the lizardman out. He lowered the unconscious enemy down to the main level, dragged him to the edge of the cliff, pushed him off, and watched him explode when he hit rock bottom.

Grundar and Nogleh finally caught up with the rest of the group.



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