Age of Shaedow

News of an Army

Heading into Mord-, er, the Vale of Oderon

Morning of the 1st of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

Early the next morning, Roaran restlessly decided to continue questioning the Draconian. Wary of Roaran's line of questioning and his seemingly naive willingness to trust the prisoner, Grak decided to intervene. Roaran understood that Grak would not know his intentions regarding the Draconian, so he took Grak and Svanir aside to discuss how to handle the situation before continuing the interrogation. After several minutes of talking with the Draconic, he was deemed friendly enough to be let out of the cage, but he would be guarded closely.

Still wary of the lizardmen camping in the vicinity, we were surpised when a trap we had set in the cave entrance sprung. Rushing to defend ourselves, we found an old ranger, who claimed to be friendly. He told us of an army that was on it's way to reinforce the lizardmen, whose task was to keep us in the cave long enough for the army to arrive. The army was apparently very large, and we would not stand a chance against their number trapped in a cave.

We reported the information to Roaran, and started to strategize our pre-emptive attack on the lizardmen camp. Almost immediately after we finalized our plans, the lizardmen started their attack. The first wave of six lizardmen were easily slain in the entrance corridor of the cave, except one that was confused and scared and started to run away. Following him outside, four archers were discovered hiding behind boulders, ready to take their shots. Charging around the boulders, we leveled the playing field and quickly dispatched our attackers. Running out of time, we re-grouped, started to bury and hide the treasure we had found, and gave instructions to Jenner. Jenner took the horses, the caretaker, and as many valuable items as he could, and headed back toward the keep.

With time running out before the army arrived, we finished burying the treasure and hid its location. We packed up, and hurried out of the area, covering our tracks as we went. Reaching a safe distance we resumed talking to the ranger, Rashid, who seemed trustworthy. We told him were were going to the Vale of Oderon and he told us he would join us. SS’Kai told us that if we were headed to the Vale he knew of a way in that would cover rough terrain, but would be less treacherous than the horde we would encounter if we went the normal way in.

We traveled a few hours before reaching a narrow pass that would take us into the vale. We climbed the pass, aided by rope Svanir created and attached to cliff wall. Nearing the end top of the pass, we ran into a lizardmen who attempted to shoot bolts at Gio, who was leading the party. Gio was easily able to deflect or dodge the attacks, while Rashid and the others shot their own bows in return. Once slain the lizardman burst into arcs of lightning. A couple dozen feet up the path, we encountered another lizardman situated on a wood and rope bridge. Gio and Grak rushed out to slay him, revealing the presence of two more lizardmen on the far side of the bridge. A large burst of fire broke the bridge in two, forcing Grak to leap to the far side, and Gio swinging down and having to climb back up.

We slew both the remaining lizardmen, but one of them exploded with flame as he died. A nearby building caught on fire, and most anyone standing closeby was burned.



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