Age of Shaedow

We're In The Money

Time to heal

Afternoon of the 28th of  Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

With all visible foes defeated one way or another a few of us began to search for useful items and such, while others began to secure prisoners or fortify the entrance. Having felt the unfriendly side of the ugly stick, we were keen to rest for the night.

It soon became obvious that we had too much loot than what we could possibly carry. After a short talk with everyone in the cave, we came up with a plan. Jenner scribbled instructions in Dwarven; Nergle scratched out a map copied from one of the maps we found. Jenner pulled some raw meat from a pouch on his waist and made some screeching sounds. A few minutes later a hawk came gliding into the cave and sat on Jenner’s forearm. He tied the letter to it’s talon and set it aloft. “There. Our instructions are on the way to the keep. They should know of what happened in a couple hours.”

While this is happening, Grak spoke with the two Orcs in the cages. Without much warning, satisfied that they would not aid us, he slew both of them.

Having stripped the bodies of everything of value we began our introductions to our new friend who helped in the battle: Kennesh from Varakesh. While healing was dispensed he explained who he is and we do likewise. He was impressed with our noble cause and asked if he may join us.

Svanir spent some time scouting around outside the cave to keep watch and make sure we wouldn't be amushed when we decided to leave the cave. After about an hour, he came across a camp of lizardmen, presumably henchmen of the drake. Among them are numerous human captives, and they appeared to be heading in our direction. By the time Svanir arrived back at the cave five hours had passed and Kennesh had finished identifying the items of magical nature.

Roaran tried to question the Draconian in the cage, but the draconian was seemingly brainwashed into servitude. Gio stumbled over at the sound of draconic speach and mumbled a few incoherent ramblings. Attempting to foster good-will with the Draconian, Roaran gave him food and water; Gio even gave him some wine. Tired and injured we slept for the night and tried to heal as much as we could, anticipating another battle soon the next day.

Morning of the 1st of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

Early the next morning, Roaran restlessly decided to continue questioning the Draconian. Wary of Roaran's line of questioning and his seemingly naive willingness to trust the prisoner, Grak decided to intervene. When suddenly…



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