Age of Shaedow

The Cave of Tortures

Large, in charge and eventually disarmed.

Afternoon of the 27th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

 We continued on horseback or on foot heading toward the caretaker's last known location. Ragged and tired after a long day of riding, we were forced to make camp and rest for the night.

28th of  Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

As we prepared to leave in the morning we heard another party moving in the distance, and send Svanir to investigate. Floating above and out of sight, Svanir followed the party of orcs and the black priest as they passed through a mountain. Wanting to follow their trial, he left a message for the party. Following through the stone of the mountai, Svanir soon reached the other side, but was seen by the priest as his head emerged from the mountain side. The priest attempted to mess with Svani's head, but was unsucessful. The foes continued on their way and entered a cave in a hillside.

After an hour of wondering what Svanir was doing the rest of us decided to follow and try to find him. As soon as we reached his message on the mountain, he emerged from the mountain and told us what had transpired.

Needing to go the long way around the mountain it wook longer for us to reach the cave, but we were soon confronted with the challenge of how to approach the enemies inside. After attempts to be ghostly failes, Roaran snuck inside the entrance of the cave and overheard the priest taking a book that was from the Academy of Oderon. The priest departed after giving Roaran a stern mocking in the head, and a large battle broke out contrained at first by the bottleneck of the cave entrance.

We charged in and broke our way through slaughtering orcs who impeded us. A large troll emerged from a pile of wood and rubble, and a large blue monster stood back patiently. Gio, however, was not so patient and tumbled his way into the cave and waited for the beast to draw its weapon. The beast instead slammed the ground and summoned a swirling mass made of the bones littering the ground of the cave.

The battle continued, eventually leaving all of the orcs slain or unconscious. A stranger hanging in a cage was released and added his strength to our own, summoning a large snake made of bones. Meanwhile Roaran had summoned a Water Elemental, so the cave became very crowded. Gio kept attempting to disarm the large blue beast, but was finding that the task might be nigh impossible. Svanir mad him a staff and others came to his aid, as he was determined to finish his vow.

With injuries mounting and the danger of death becoming more and more likely, the beast used several braclets to heal its injuries and continued to fight striking strong blows. The summoned snake managed to grab the beast several times, but the grapple never lasted more than a few seconds, overpowered easily by the large monster. 

Fortune was luckily on our side, this time at least. Gio managed to steal the large axe of the beast and fullfiled his vow moments before the beast was slain. Not long after the mass of bones fell to the ground and the battle was won.

We then turned our attention to a few of the captive orcs locked in cages. After attempting to turn them to our cause, Grak slew them mercilessly. We found the caretaker who was fortunately not too close to death. Searching the rest of the cave, Gio found several barrels of very nice wine, and promptly processed to quaff his fill. We found a few interesting items and a load of gold, causing us to regret not having a cart to transport our new-found goods.



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