Age of Shaedow

The Art of Betrayal

Grak Told Kitty, Kitty Not Listen.

Night of the 23rd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Unknown to the others, on his watch, Roaran woke each Grundar individually and gave them a lecture. The doppelganger revealed himself by morphing into a small girl who could slip out of the manacles, indicating that he could have escaped at any time. Having been recently awoken, Grundar was still conscious enough to hear the release of his imposter. The ensuing argument easily woke the rest of the party. Grak could not stand to let Roaran release the presumably traitorous doppelganger, so he decided to leave with his followers and head to the monastery seeking information and assistance.

24th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Roaran decided by the morning that he would take the doppelganger to the order and present him before the embodiment of Sigurd, hoping that his true intentions would be revealed. Reaching the split in the road late in the morning, he and the doppelganger turned toward the monastery as the rest of us headed to the fortress.

25th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We arrived back at the gate house in front of the fortes, and were confronted by Jenner and his sister, who were gravely dissapointed at the absentees, Grak and Roaran, who tauted the small children, and dissapointed at the rest of the party for not being concerned with finding the caretaker. Gio and Svanir decided to run and get Roaran and hopefully Grak too, so they could assist in helping find the caretaker.

Svanir ran off-road in rough-territory because he was not impeded in his ghostly state. Gio ran on the road, and so was separated from Svanir. Gio ran halfway to the Monastery before he found a frozen, helpless Roaran on the side of the road. Not sure how to unfreeze Roaran, he tied ropes to him and started to drag him back to the Fortress.

26th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Reaching the monastery and finding Grak, Svanir soon realized that Roaran was missing as he should have arrived at the monastery by that time. Svanir convinced Grak to come with him to find Roaran, since they both assumed the worst, that Roran was betrayed and possibly dead. Moving without the weight of a helpless, embarrassed, cat-folk, Svanir and Grak easily caught up to Gio. Strapping Roaran to the back of Grak's horse, the small entourage made good time back to the fortress.

Having thawed, Roaran and the others arrived and were soon scolded once more by Jenner and his companions. Not wishing to waste even more time, the party set off to find the caretaker who had been spotted as a captive of the Drake's monsters.

27th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

What we hoped would be a quick journey to find the caretaker was interrupted by an ambush. Determined to reach our goal, we quickly dispatched our attackers and continued on our way.



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