Age of Shaedow

Stoney's Here!

So Which Grundar is Which?

Night of the 18th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We freed the Blacksmith and his Apprentice, and tried to convince them to join our rebellion. They were less than enthusiastic at the prospect, seeminly for financial concerns, because they agreed when we offered to pay a monthy retainer.

We then turned our attentions to loading up the equipment and armor while a few of us started to discuss what to do with the Grundars. Krulak was given the task of watching the door as a lookout. We were soon interrupted, however, by the sudden appearance of more lizardmen. There were only a few of them, so we had no worry. Roaran shacked and tied up each Grundar, but was forced to grapple with one when it managed to get free from the ropes.

Grak, Gio, Svanir, and Aslan continued to fight the lizardmen and Krulak continued to watch the door as the large stone-skinned minotaur, Stoney, appeared accompanied by more lizardmen. Aslan slung a web at Stoney and several lizardmen, but Stoney was apparently unaffected by it.

After kocking out one lizardman, Gio was blinded by his desire to disarm a large monster, and proceeded to launch himself at Stoney. Much to his dismay, Stoney was unfortunately unarmed and was attacking with claws. Grak continued to sunder the heads of the nearest lizardmen from their bodies, leaving pools of acid in their wake. Svanir was being hit repeatedly by bolts of lightning as he fought with a lizardman mage.

Meanwhile, in the storage room, Roaran decided to stop wrestling with the Grundar and decided to let him go and see how he would react to the battle outside.

With most of the lizardmen dead, and a few unconscious, the fight became focused on the minotaur. Grak, Grundar, Roaran, Krulak and Svanir surrounded Stoney as Aslan continued healing. Gio continued to fight the lizardman mage, and was hopeful that he could knock him out before he exploded into a burst of electricity. Stoney soon fell, his wounds fatal. As soon as Stoney hit the ground, the stone left its body and began to afflict Krulak with an accelerating stone disease. ???? then took a swing at the lizardman mage, who, on his last thread of consciousness, was slain instead and exploded.

We could not wait for more lizardmen to ambush us, so we resumed packing.Gio noticed that the freed Grundar was sneaking back into the Blacksmith's shop, and followed him back into the storage room, where he found the Grundars about so start fighting. Gio wished to keep them from killing each other, so he attempted to stop the fight by taking their weapons.

Meanwhile, the group hears horses riding toward them in the distance, and began to fear another battle, one they might lose due to their injuries and fatigue. As the horses approached it was seen that they were orcs who stopped short of running the party over, and instead stopped and pledged allegiance to Grak. This was an unexpected turn of events, but welcome nonetheless. Grak set the orcs to the task of loading the remaining armor onto the carts.

When the orcs entered the storage room, they found Gio and the Grundars fighting, were confused, and returned to ask Grak for instruction. Grak returned to the storage room, and helped Gio to subdue the Grundars before one was slain.

The gear was quickly packed onto the cart with the help of the orcs, so we left town, camping for the night just out of sight of Four-wells.

19th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We began the six day journey back to the fortress, to drop off the armor and blacksmith. Krulak's illness seemed to be worsening, worrying the group. Gio, began to ponder the Grundar predicament, having plenty of time to think by himself.

21st of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Gio enlisted the help of Grak, and started an experiment on the two Grundar's in an attempt to discover which one was the doppelganger. He gave each alcohol, one got strong, one got weak, and waited to see if one or both got drunk at the same time.

22nd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Gio repeated the experiment, reversing the potency of alcohol each Grundar received. Again waiting for the results.

23rd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

The group was curious to hear Gio's opinion after his experiments, but he could not reveal his findings. If he did, he knew Grak and the others would kill the doppelganger, which he could not allow, due to his Vow of Peace.



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