Age of Shaedow

Back to the Blacksmith

Bad, Blacksmith, Bad!

11th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Gio told the story of his exploits from the previous couple days. He explained that he was going to start taking vows in the morning, and that by doing so he would unleash the powers of his wraps. Gio created a system of hand signals for communication during his vows. Then we planned to leave in the morning to go back to Four-Wells and get our armor from the blacksmith.

12th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Continuing to ignore the fact that the caretaker of the keep who possibly knows about its defenses and magic was missing for quite a long time, we travelled back to Four-Wells.

Evening of the 18th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Arriving on the edges of Four-Wells we stealthily made our way into town at night, until we arrived at the blacksmith's shop. Roaran snuck inside and woke up the blacksmith and asked for Grundar's armor. The blacksmith sent Grundar and his apprentice to a basement store room to collect the armor.

Unnoticed by us, the blacksmith did something while stoking the fire to make its smoke blue. Shortly after, lizardmen came out of the storage room and started attacking. Suddenly, the blacksmith turned into a copy of Grak, and they began to fight. Everyone except Krulak and Gio rush inside. The room goes dark as one of the foes cast a spell. More lizardmen drop off the roof, but they are quickly slain or knocked out by Krulak and Gio.

When the lizardmen die, however, they explode into pools of acid, acid clouds or chain lightning. Meanwhile, Krulak hears a crowd in the distance and moves to investigate, but he sees nothing. He hears more movement, but still sees nothing. Gio gets him to come back to the blacksmith's.

Inside the lizardmen fall one by one, but the fight between the two Graks continues until one falls unconsious. We were unsure who was the victor, until the one standing turned and attacked Aslan. Nearly slain Aslan dropped back and the Fake Grak turned and attacked Helgon, who was slain instantly. The impostor was still very hurt and was killed after a few attacks. Aslan quickly rushed to heal the real Grak Shady as the imposter dissolved into a doppelganger.

Having dispatched all our foes we went into the storage room where we found two unconscious Grundars with a tied up Blacksmith and apprentice. Now we have to figure out how to tell which Grundar is the real one.



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