Age of Shaedow

Reunion and News of Nordhjeim

Quests for Cures? Fortresses and Moutains?

6th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

The leader of the order appreoached Roaran in the morning with news that Sigurd had left his fortress for the party to use. The order had maintained the fortress for many years while awaiting our arrival. The leader also approached Gio and informed him that as the descendant of X'Cer Auret, Gio had inherited the mountain and caves that X'Cer Auret once called home. The leader of the order offered to either help Svanir move on or to help him restore his body, but the later would likely require a quest of some sort. The leader also informed Svanir that the gimp was Dagon One-eye and he had helped him move on.

After an hour ride on horseback, we arrive at a nearby town for a public celebration. After we arrived, we ran into Jenner and his sister. Apparently, they are part of the order, and have been agents against the Shaedow for many years. Sigurd's village is their hometown; they were sent to Nordhjeim on assignment.

They had news of the fate of Nordhjeim after we managed to escape the wrath of the Confessor. Nordhjeim was completely taken over by the Shaedow. Most of the population were slain or sent to toil in the slave pits. Roaran's parents also went missing during the confusion. Hopefully they escaped death and toil and are safely in hiding. Giovanni's Brotherhood was spared no mercy, and the entire monastery was likely slaughtered. It is likely that he is the last person who knows the process of vinting Icewjin.

Svanir asked leader of the order about Krulak. The leader told him that there might be something in the vale that would let him make potions to help Krulak.
Svanir asked Krulak if he would help watch over the fortress in exchange for helping cure him of his stone poisoning.  Krulak agreed.



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