Age of Shaedow

Sanctuary on the Hill

A Foe Becomes A Friend

3rd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

One of the orcs chasing us was brave enough to cross, but the leader of Davlamin's order pulled him from his horse and somehow released the orc from the influence of the Shaedow. We did not think this was possible, and we were reluctant to let the orc join us. The leader assured us that the orc was now on our side, and that he too was a victim of the Shaedow's tyranny. Somewhat rested from the grueling march from Four-Wells, we resumed travelling to the monastery where we were invited to a banquet.

Afternoon of the 5th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We arrived at the monastery on a hill overlooked by a giant statue of a dragon. The sight was extremely impressive due to the massive scale of the statue that seemed larger even than the mountain it sat on.

Inside, we  were given accommodations and were cared for as honored guests. We were curious about how this place existed and why we were so important here. The leader, knowing we were tired, refused to anwser until the banquet.

At the banquet, we were told a fantastic story about a legendary man named Sigurd who once ruled this land and his struggle with the True Wyrm X'Cer Auret. We also had a chance to explored the monastery and we discovered temples to the old gods. These depictions were not destroyed and scarred like so many we had seen before. Svanir recognized one of the Gods, and learned about the mother godess who had allowed him to return to Aerden after his body had perished.



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