Age of Shaedow

Chased Out of Four-Wells

A Mysterious Stranger With Good Advice

Evening of the 9th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

We were relaxing at the tavern having a few ales when suddenly a strange man rushes in. He introduced himself as a friend named Davlamin Carter. He told us we needed to leave that night, because there was a bounty on our heads. A huge mob had formed and they were planning to turn us in, because the bounty was worth more than most of them made in a lifetime. We quickly gathered our equipment and got the dwarves ready to leave, but a few dwarves were missing.

As we were leaving the tavern, and started to head out of town, we saw the large mob in the distance. They were carrying torches and calling out, looking for us. We turned the opposite direction, but our path was blocked by the foreman and a band of miners. Using Richard and a few unkind words we scared most of them away, and once again captured the foreman.

We tied up the foreman and left him at the side of the road. Then we disguised Roaran as the foreman, to trick the mob. Unaware of the ceception, he led the mob in the wrong direction and off our trail. When Roaran came back to catch up to the party, he stopped long enough to slit the foreman's throat in secret.

Davlamin assured us we would find a safe haven in his land, so we rushed out of town before the mob found us. Not long after we heard a group of orcs on horseback behind us. Not being able to afford to pace ourselves, we marched on late into the night, until we knew we had gained enough distance to camp for a short rest.

10th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Continuing the strenuous march began to wear us all down. Attempting to gain some distance we rigged a few traps to slow the orcs down. We slung a few fireballs to tenderize them, whenever we felt them getting close enough.

Afternoon of the 2nd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

With the orcs close on our heels and showing no signs of slowing down we arrived at Davlamin's land, and through a barrier that the orcs were afraid to cross. We had no idea how this land kept the orcs at bay, but we were glad of it. We soon collapsed of fatigue just inside the boundary, not able to go any further.



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