Age of Shaedow

Return of the Svanir

No Pants! Seriously?


Evening 26th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

Aslan, the healer's apprentice, was knocked out in Pittmans gorge.

Afternoon 28th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

Aslan was chained to a post as a sacrifice to the Drake.

1st of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Sasha came to protect Aslan and Svanir made his return saving Aslan.

3rd of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Aslan and Svanir saw the evil priest arrive at the vale turn over three dwarves. Svanir recognizes the dwarves as being Roaran's followers. Aslan and Svanir saw the evil priest leave the Vale angry and shouting at the gate guards.  He left without the dwarves.

Back in Four-Wells

3rd  of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Waking up the next morning, with mild hangovers, we started to look around town for useful services. First, we found a healer to look at Gimpy and the other injured. She asked us to find her apprentice, because their wounds were too grave for her ability. Next, we found a blacksmith so we could resize the orc armor to fit the dwarves. We made a deal with the blacksmith, but the modifications would take time, so we would have to come back in a few weeks to see how much he had finished.

Curious about how this area had remained free from the Shaedow. we talked with Krulak and some of the locals more. We learned that a drake and his henchman, a Minotaur named Stoney, were in control of this land. They demanded regular sacrifices to be made. These sacrifices were choosen by a lottery from the local villagers.

4th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

We headed off to Pittman's Gorge, the mining town Aslan was last seen in.

Afternoon of the 6th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

Arriving at Pittman's Gorge, Roaran made two guards rich by bribing them for info about where Aslan was. The stubborn guards only told us to speak with the Foreman, who would not be available until the next morning. We entered a local pub looking for a place to stay the night, but instead found a body in a pit and a group of passed out drunkards. Curious for information, we woke up the owner of the bar, who told us that the pit was for entertainment, and the dead guy simply lost the fight. Tastelessly, both in ethical and culinary senses, Krulak eagerly ate the body in the pit. To make sure we had a chance to talk with the foreman, we camped out in front of the foreman's office for the night.

7th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

The foreman refused to open the door and talk to us, so Roaran broke in and “persuaded” the naked foreman to assist us. He told us Aslan had been forcefully taken to the vale as a sacrifice. We took the foreman with us, so he could show us where Aslan was. While on our way to free Aslan, we were surprised as we ran into him and Svanir’s ghost coming the other way.

We freed the foreman, who was no longer usefull, but he threatened us, so we “scared” him off and hoped never to see him again. We began to head back to Four-Wells with Aslan when we were attacked by a band of Oruks.

Afternoon of the 9th of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

When we arrived back in Four-Wells, we took Aslan to see his mentor. Aslan realized his mentor was using Aslan's natural talent, and taking all the credit for herself. Aslan left the tutalage of the healer and instead joined Roaran’s resistance. We made plans to head to the Vale in the morning after a nights rest.



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