Age of Shaedow

Entering Four-Wells

Ugh, I Can't Believe He's Eating That

27th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

The next day, we found that we were not alone. A giant emerged from the hillside, but he was not threatening. He was, in fact, strangely timid for something his size and strength. Krulak, as he was called, told us that he was the one who dropped the large boulder on on one of the orcs we fought the night before. He lives in the area, and offered to take us to a nearby town, which was surprisingly not under the control of the Shaedow. Looking forward to a restful stay at a friendly village, we followed our new friend Krulak. We would soon learn that Krulak has his own peculiarities, as we heard him gnawing on the flesh and bones of the fallen orcs. Thankfully, he tended to stay at the back of the group, so we didn't have to watch as he consumed his odd diet.

Afternoon of the 2nd of Ofretid, Festival of Shaedow

A few days later, we arrived at Four-Wells; it was indeed free from the tyranny of the Shaedow. We eagerly found a place to stay at a local tavern and relieved ourself of the loads we had carried for weeks. Roaran graciously paid for a good meal for the entire party and all the dwarves who had helped so much.

Not sure when there might be another chance for everyone to enjoy themselves, Gio decided that it was a good time to celebrate. He made arrangements for some women and ale for all the dwarves and whoever else cared to partake. A few of the dwarves were unfortunately unable to contain their dinners and had to remove themselves from the festivities. Roara, however, was perturbed that the dwarves would probably not even remember the meal he had bought early in the evening.



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