Age of Shaedow

On the Road Again

The Only Good Orc is a Dead Orc

22nd of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

Hakkon woke up in the morning an discovered that is Holy Symbol was missing. He searched the tower for it, and asked everyone if anyone had seen it. No one knew where it was. Roaran and the rest of the dwarves returned to the outpost that afternoon. After reassigning other dwarves to work on the carts, the rest of us started to search the outpost. While searching we all got a distinct feeling that we were being watched, so we started to look for tracks. It was likely that whoever what watching us might be involved with stealing the symbol.

We tracked the scent of orcs to a small camp on a bluff overlooking the southern edge of the valley, but we couldn't follow the tracks any further. Returning to the tower we decided that we had to leave the next day, since orcs had discovered our whereabouts. Fortunately, the dwarves finished the carts, so we were ready to leave the valley tomorrow anyway. Fearing more theft and sabotage, we barricaded ourselves inside the tower with all of our equipment and supplies, and hoped we would not be bothered while we slept.

23rd of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

We woke the next morning, after an uneventful night, and nothing was missing or broken, so we packed up and got ready to leave the falls. We didn't get far before we noticed that the bridge across the river had been tampered with. We needed to cross the bidge to continue toward the Vale of Oderon, so Svanir made some temporary repairs to the bridge before we crossed. Following Helegon's guidance we started travelling on the path to the Veil of Oderon. The trail soon got rough, so we couldn't travel at full speed with the carts.

24th of Sluthøstid Year of Shaedow 1030

The next day, we noticed that Hakkon was no longer with us. We got suspicious of foul play, since he would have told us if he needed to relieve himself. We tracked his scent off the trail and up a cliff. Gio climbed up, dropped a rope down and everyone else climbed up. We found tracks at the top that were not Hakkon's, but they were deep enough that it was likely they were carrying Hakkon as a captive. Continuing to follow the tracks we ran into a group of three orcs, who were quickly dispatched.

No Hakkon in sight, so we left the orc corpses behind and kept tracking until we spotted a man and two orc corpses hanging from a tree. At the man's feet lay Hakkon, immobile. The man was performing a ritual over a stone vessel containing the blood of the two hung orcs. Running up to stop him, Gio managed to stun him and we all landed a few hits. When he regained his composure, the man released a cloud of poison and vanished into thin air. After failing to find out where he went, we took Hakkon and went back to the 3 orc corpses.

We looted the bodies of the orcs, and found a few useful items. Hakkon recovered from his paralysis and persuaded us to go back and loot the bodies of the two hung orcs. We found some very nice equipment on them, so it was a goog thing Hakkon suggested checking them too. We made our way back to the dwarves and the carts and continued travelling toward the Vale of Oderon.



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