Age of Shaedow

Open, Close, Open, Close: Nogleh the Doorman

4th of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

The night passed without incident while Aslan tended to the wounded sleeping inside our magic fortified house. Since our presence was known to the lizardmen who were waiting further inside, we were cautious as we left our safe haven. Roaran proceeded down the stairs wary of an ambush, but found the room empty. He beckoned to us and we proceeded to move down the stairs, but as the fifth person moved into the room, a trap sprung that made us all slower than normal. Luckily, Aslan was able to fix that by using his haste spell to cancel out the effect and even making a few of us faster.

Listening at the door ahead of us and we knew that there were foes in the next room. We opened the door and were immediately bombarded with blasts and bolts. Running through the door and tumbling around a lizardman, Gio sped toward a new enemy who looked like a cross between a snake and a woman. Unfortunately as he crossed the room, a trap was triggered that burst with negative energy. Fortunately, the energy blast was not too powerful, but was still a hindrance. Some of the party opted to back up the stairs to avoid any fireballs or other spells that may be lauched by the lizardmen in the room.

Continuing to fight, more traps were set off as more of the party entered the room. We killed several of the lizardmen, but the snakewoman cast a spell of grabbing tentacles that were the same as the ones Kannesh had cast a few days earlier. A few of us were caught in its grip. The snakewoman conjured a cloud of poison that began to damage the our health. The cloud expanded and filled the room as Grak killed the snakewoman, who thankfully did not explode. Seeking refuge from the poison, Roran opened a nearby door and went through. Gio listened at the door nearest him, but heard movement behind it. He went to the same door as Roran and passed through. He was soon followed by Grak, Zieblen and Rashid.

They were cut off from the rest of the party, because no one wanted to risk passing through the poison. There were five doors in the corridor where they were forced to wait for the poison to recede. Gio quickly glanced around to ensure there was no immediate threat, opened one of the four doors on the right side of the hallway and took a nap after finding a modestly furnished sleeping quarters. Grak and Rashid explored the classroom that was behind the single door on the left wall, but found nothing interesting. We settled down and rested for a few hours until the posion was gone.

Unified, the party started discussing where to go next. Remembering that Gio had avoiding going through the door straight ahead, we began to plan our attack on the monsters in the next room. The discussion continued for a while before anyone noticed that Gio was missing. Roaran found him still sleeping, and ‘pursuaded’ him to wake up. Eventually we decided that Nogleh would handle opening and closing the door while the rest of us stood back and made ranged attacks, except for Gio who opted to run in and out quickly.

The lizardmen on the other side of the door were waiting for the door to open and they launched their fireballs at everyone who was taking aim on the other side of the door. Gio was hit by a blast of lightning that travelled back and arced across a few others. After we all got a few shots off, Nogleh closed the door, but not before Roaran went invisible and went to attack. Not content to wait around, Grundar opened the door and approached the lizardmen. Grak and Zieblen soon followed. Gio, injured with lighting, decided to use Richard instead, since the snakes inside would not explode from Richard’s leathal attacks. After waiting for the door to re-open Richard moved to attack a snake in the corner behind some bookshelves.

As the lizardmen started to fall dead, the three standing snakemen in the corners of the room switched their aim toward a pool of water in the center of the room, and loaded their crossbows with a bolt tipped with a gem. Svanir attempted to block the shots, but the first managed to land in the pool. The center of the room exploded in a blast of fire that decimated the remaining wooden furnishings and moss covering the floor. Grak, Zieblen, Richard, Grundar and Roaran moved to kill the remaining snakemen and managed to do so before they fired their shots. The last of the enemys were soon slain and we returned to the previous room to hold our ground.

Over the Edge
And Down the Rabbit Hole

Night of the 2nd of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

We decided to sleep in the nearby building. We convinced Aslan to meditate for 4 hours, tend to our injures and use some spells, and then meditate again to regain his magic.  We were plenty tired, so we didn't mind spending some extra time resting.

3rd of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

In the morning we started to discuss how exactly we would get down the cliff to the ledge 50 feet below. Rashid's eagle scouted and saw a half-dozen lizardmen on the ledge waiting. Grak volunteered to have himself and Zieblen tie themselves to some rope, jump off the edge and swing down to the ledge below. We eventuall found that we could secure the end of the rope to the stone staircase inside the building. 

Grak and Zieblen bravely jumped and successfully made it to the ledge with only a few scratches. They immediately set to slaughtering the lizardmen on the ledge who exploded one after another. One lizardmen exploded in a blast of negative energy that severly weakened Grak, Zieblen, and Svanir who (unknown to the rest of us) was flying around as an eagle.

We started taking turns jumping down two at a time, until only Nolgeh and Gio were left at the top. Nolgeh asked that the rope be held taught and then proceeded to climb down, rather than climbing. Gio untied the end of the rope from the staircase, fastened it to his harness, floated down 40 feet along the cliff wall next to the ledges, and then jumped and tumbled the last 10 feet, showing off.

Looking up we saw an incredible sight. The underside of the ledge above us had turned into a night sky, even in the bright light of the mid-morning sun. We turned our attention to the staircase that lead down and into the cliff. This was the entrance to the secret path that would take us to the Vale of Oderon. Roaran decided to use a new spell he had gained to turn invisible and scout the room 30 feet down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs he found six lizardmen who had no idea he was there. He move silently next to two of them and unleashed a barrage of sneak attacks that left the two fire types devastated. They exploded, and their blasts killed the other four lizardmen who were also standing in the cramped room. They reacted with their own blasts of lighting. Roaran standing in the middle of this small armagedon, managed to evade the blasts and remain unharmed. The sound of the explosions alerted more lizardmen deeper in the dungeon.

With only minutes to spare before the arrival of the reinforcements, Roran came back outside and we started to discuss strategy. We positioned ourselves so that Grak and Zieblen could attack anyone who emerged at the top of the staircase. The rest of us took positions where we could not be seen by someone coming up the stairs.

Not long after fire and lightning type lizardmen starting coming out. We moved to block their progress, using the narrow stairs as a bottleneck. Unfortunately this cause us to gather around close the top of the stairs. As each lizardmen emerged the fireballs they unleashed or the explosions they left in the wake of their deaths were causing untold amounts of damage to us. Nolgeh and SS'Kai started to tie the rope off, hoping to lower themselved over the side of the ledge and gain some protection.

Gio decided that it would probably be safer at the bottom of the stairs because of the amount of explosions occuring. He tumbled down the stairs right through the enemies queued for their deaths. He managed to beat up a lizardman at the bottom. Soon only three lizardmen remained standing: two lighting types who were trying to catch Gio who dodge and darted around the small room, and a forboding robed lightningman. Despite Nolgeh's warning to not kill the robed lizardman, Roaran marched down the stairs and sliced him with his blade. The robed lizardman exploded with negative energy hitting Roarn, Gio, Rashid, and the other two lizardmen, leaving them all weakened and not very effective.

With more capable allies coming down the stairs, Gio soon gave up trying to hit the lizardmen and tried to tumble away, but was unsuccessful as a lizardman hit him with his sword. Zieblen quickly moved in to finish them off, having been healed by a magical bracelet that saved him from death.

We were all very injured, so we decided that we needed to rest. Fearing more reinforcements from the depths of the dungeon, we cast a secure shelter that narrowly fit on the ledge and sought refuge inside.

Night of the Living Fools
All Fools Day (Except for SS'Kai)

Evening of the 2nd of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

Most of us were fairly wounded from the battle, so we began to explore our options for finding a safe place to rest. We discovered three staffs in the ground that exploded with electricity whenever touched. Still curious about the locked building, Grak smashed his way in due to the lack of locks for Roaran to pick. Once inside, we discovered that the first floor was mostly empty. Grak found a hatch to the basement and went down.

At the bottom of the stairs he discovered another fire type lizardman, who managed to breathe fire before being killed and exploding in fire. The now flaming basement was too hot for even Gio to dare enter. Roaran proceeded to check the second floor, but was surprised by the familiar taunts of the Southrend(sp?) Priest. He broke Roaran's will, leaving him paralyzed, and kicked him off the staircase. Roaran's fall the the first floor alerted everyone nearby, most of whom came rushing into the building.

The priest animated a large stone dragon in a corner of the first floor much to the surprise of those who were rushing to get into the building. The battle with the dragon ensued. Two fire type lizardmen appeared on the second floor near the priest, and started to unleash their fiery fury. The priest started to paralyze us one by one, as members of the party started to leave or dropped to the floor after taking a beating from the dragon. It was looking like we would not win this battle.

Gio dodged past his paralyzed comrades and past the dragon to face the priest and his minions. But this only ended in him getting paralyzed. Those of us who had enough common sense to stay out of the building started to dart inside and drag the paralyzed and wounded out to (relative) safety. Grak landed a series of strong blows on the stone dragon, which crumbled into rubble. Grundar ran upstairs to grab Gio, but was knocked unconscious just as he started to leave. One lizardman had been slain, but the priest and another still remained. As Grak made his attacks against the priest, SS'Kai appeared out of thin air, behind the priest. The image of the priest wavered and dissolved into a robe-wearing lizardman who had SS'Kai's sword though his torso.

As the lizardman who had appeared as the priest fell to the ground, all those who had been paralyzed or severely injured discovered the could move and were not as badly injured as it had seemed. Fearing that Grak would kill the last lizardman and cause him to explode, possibly killing a few of us who were close by, Gio quickly ran to the second floor and landed several hard kicks and punches that rendered the lizardman unconsious. Everyone rushed out of the burning building, as Aslan created a large amount of water out of thin air and extinguished the flames. Gio dragged the lizardman to the cliff and pushed him over, just as he had done after the previous battle.

As we searched the charred and blackened building for anything interesting or of use, we discussed our plans for resting the night. We were all much more injured than a simple eight hour rest would heal, so we considered resting longer. SS'Kai informed us that 50 feet down the cliff was the entrance to the secret passage into the Vale and that it was guarded, so we also considered going back to where we slept the night before, presuming it more safe.

Chain Reactions
There was a Firefight!!!

Evening of the 1st of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

Tired from the battles of the day, we sought a safe place to rest for the night. Gio quickly scouted the burning building, finding nothing of value inside. Aslan put the flames out by creating an large amount of water out of thin air. The healers tended to the wounded, and we rested for the night.

2nd of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

The next morning, we gathered our equipment and continued down the path ahead. Traveling on a narrow ledge, with cliff above on one side and cliff below on the other, we proceeded single file. Svanir scouted ahead, stealthy in his incorporeal state. He discovered that the path opened up ahead, but waiting there was a large group of lizardmen. Some were the same as the ones who exploded the previous day with fire and lightning. They were mostly grouped together, and could possible start a violent and dangerous chain reaction. We formulated a plan at a considerable distance to avoid detection, and set it into motion.

First, Aslan hasted as many as he could, so that it would take less time to travel several hundred feet to the lizardmen. Next, Grak and Gio ran to take position. Grak running first to go straight to the front line. Gio stopped just short to climb the cliff to the position of a fire type lizardman. Kannesh, suddenly able to fly, went up high and came down from above, hoping to distract the lizardmen from the approaching group and cast a spell causing many black tentacles to spring from the earth and hold the mass of the lizard men where they were. Svanir carried Rashid to a position where he was able to launch a volley of arrows at a fire type lizardmen who was standing at the center of the held mass of lizardmen. The arrows were devastating, as the fire type lizardmen exploded, causing lightning and cold types around him to burst. When the chaos settled, nearly a dozen foes had fallen, a crushing blow but the fight was stil just beginning.

The others ran as far as they could, most stopping where Gio prevented them from running further, or lagging far behind.

Grak started killing lizardmen one after another, ignoring the explosions that resulted. Svanir and Rashid flew to a building on the other side of the fight and discovered that it is locked. Gio climbed very fast to get up to the second fire type lizardman. Kannesh kept slinging spells from high above the battle. Lightning kept arcing and fireballs were exploding left and right. The remaining fire type lizardman sacrificed his wooden perch in a blast of fire. Those who were lagging behind kept doing so.

Grak moved to slay remaining lizardmen, getting wounded more and more with each kill. Gio attacked the flaming wooden tower, to knock it down sooner. Rashid kept his distance, firing shots when he could. Roaran climbed a ladder up to give Gio a hand, but was quickly discouraged by a fireball.

The wooden tower collapsed in fire, and Gio moved to attack the last remaining lizardmen, trying to knock him out rather than kill him. After a few shots from Rashid, the lizardmen was looking injured, and Gio yelled at everyone else to get away in case he exploded. With a few good blows, Gio managed to knock the lizardman out. He lowered the unconscious enemy down to the main level, dragged him to the edge of the cliff, pushed him off, and watched him explode when he hit rock bottom.

Grundar and Nogleh finally caught up with the rest of the group.
News of an Army
Heading into Mord-, er, the Vale of Oderon

Morning of the 1st of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

Early the next morning, Roaran restlessly decided to continue questioning the Draconian. Wary of Roaran's line of questioning and his seemingly naive willingness to trust the prisoner, Grak decided to intervene. Roaran understood that Grak would not know his intentions regarding the Draconian, so he took Grak and Svanir aside to discuss how to handle the situation before continuing the interrogation. After several minutes of talking with the Draconic, he was deemed friendly enough to be let out of the cage, but he would be guarded closely.

Still wary of the lizardmen camping in the vicinity, we were surpised when a trap we had set in the cave entrance sprung. Rushing to defend ourselves, we found an old ranger, who claimed to be friendly. He told us of an army that was on it's way to reinforce the lizardmen, whose task was to keep us in the cave long enough for the army to arrive. The army was apparently very large, and we would not stand a chance against their number trapped in a cave.

We reported the information to Roaran, and started to strategize our pre-emptive attack on the lizardmen camp. Almost immediately after we finalized our plans, the lizardmen started their attack. The first wave of six lizardmen were easily slain in the entrance corridor of the cave, except one that was confused and scared and started to run away. Following him outside, four archers were discovered hiding behind boulders, ready to take their shots. Charging around the boulders, we leveled the playing field and quickly dispatched our attackers. Running out of time, we re-grouped, started to bury and hide the treasure we had found, and gave instructions to Jenner. Jenner took the horses, the caretaker, and as many valuable items as he could, and headed back toward the keep.

With time running out before the army arrived, we finished burying the treasure and hid its location. We packed up, and hurried out of the area, covering our tracks as we went. Reaching a safe distance we resumed talking to the ranger, Rashid, who seemed trustworthy. We told him were were going to the Vale of Oderon and he told us he would join us. SS’Kai told us that if we were headed to the Vale he knew of a way in that would cover rough terrain, but would be less treacherous than the horde we would encounter if we went the normal way in.

We traveled a few hours before reaching a narrow pass that would take us into the vale. We climbed the pass, aided by rope Svanir created and attached to cliff wall. Nearing the end top of the pass, we ran into a lizardmen who attempted to shoot bolts at Gio, who was leading the party. Gio was easily able to deflect or dodge the attacks, while Rashid and the others shot their own bows in return. Once slain the lizardman burst into arcs of lightning. A couple dozen feet up the path, we encountered another lizardman situated on a wood and rope bridge. Gio and Grak rushed out to slay him, revealing the presence of two more lizardmen on the far side of the bridge. A large burst of fire broke the bridge in two, forcing Grak to leap to the far side, and Gio swinging down and having to climb back up.

We slew both the remaining lizardmen, but one of them exploded with flame as he died. A nearby building caught on fire, and most anyone standing closeby was burned.

We're In The Money
Time to heal

Afternoon of the 28th of  Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

With all visible foes defeated one way or another a few of us began to search for useful items and such, while others began to secure prisoners or fortify the entrance. Having felt the unfriendly side of the ugly stick, we were keen to rest for the night.

It soon became obvious that we had too much loot than what we could possibly carry. After a short talk with everyone in the cave, we came up with a plan. Jenner scribbled instructions in Dwarven; Nergle scratched out a map copied from one of the maps we found. Jenner pulled some raw meat from a pouch on his waist and made some screeching sounds. A few minutes later a hawk came gliding into the cave and sat on Jenner’s forearm. He tied the letter to it’s talon and set it aloft. “There. Our instructions are on the way to the keep. They should know of what happened in a couple hours.”

While this is happening, Grak spoke with the two Orcs in the cages. Without much warning, satisfied that they would not aid us, he slew both of them.

Having stripped the bodies of everything of value we began our introductions to our new friend who helped in the battle: Kennesh from Varakesh. While healing was dispensed he explained who he is and we do likewise. He was impressed with our noble cause and asked if he may join us.

Svanir spent some time scouting around outside the cave to keep watch and make sure we wouldn't be amushed when we decided to leave the cave. After about an hour, he came across a camp of lizardmen, presumably henchmen of the drake. Among them are numerous human captives, and they appeared to be heading in our direction. By the time Svanir arrived back at the cave five hours had passed and Kennesh had finished identifying the items of magical nature.

Roaran tried to question the Draconian in the cage, but the draconian was seemingly brainwashed into servitude. Gio stumbled over at the sound of draconic speach and mumbled a few incoherent ramblings. Attempting to foster good-will with the Draconian, Roaran gave him food and water; Gio even gave him some wine. Tired and injured we slept for the night and tried to heal as much as we could, anticipating another battle soon the next day.

Morning of the 1st of Tungsnøtid Year of Shaedow 1031

Early the next morning, Roaran restlessly decided to continue questioning the Draconian. Wary of Roaran's line of questioning and his seemingly naive willingness to trust the prisoner, Grak decided to intervene. When suddenly…

The Cave of Tortures
Large, in charge and eventually disarmed.

Afternoon of the 27th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

 We continued on horseback or on foot heading toward the caretaker's last known location. Ragged and tired after a long day of riding, we were forced to make camp and rest for the night.

28th of  Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

As we prepared to leave in the morning we heard another party moving in the distance, and send Svanir to investigate. Floating above and out of sight, Svanir followed the party of orcs and the black priest as they passed through a mountain. Wanting to follow their trial, he left a message for the party. Following through the stone of the mountai, Svanir soon reached the other side, but was seen by the priest as his head emerged from the mountain side. The priest attempted to mess with Svani's head, but was unsucessful. The foes continued on their way and entered a cave in a hillside.

After an hour of wondering what Svanir was doing the rest of us decided to follow and try to find him. As soon as we reached his message on the mountain, he emerged from the mountain and told us what had transpired.

Needing to go the long way around the mountain it wook longer for us to reach the cave, but we were soon confronted with the challenge of how to approach the enemies inside. After attempts to be ghostly failes, Roaran snuck inside the entrance of the cave and overheard the priest taking a book that was from the Academy of Oderon. The priest departed after giving Roaran a stern mocking in the head, and a large battle broke out contrained at first by the bottleneck of the cave entrance.

We charged in and broke our way through slaughtering orcs who impeded us. A large troll emerged from a pile of wood and rubble, and a large blue monster stood back patiently. Gio, however, was not so patient and tumbled his way into the cave and waited for the beast to draw its weapon. The beast instead slammed the ground and summoned a swirling mass made of the bones littering the ground of the cave.

The battle continued, eventually leaving all of the orcs slain or unconscious. A stranger hanging in a cage was released and added his strength to our own, summoning a large snake made of bones. Meanwhile Roaran had summoned a Water Elemental, so the cave became very crowded. Gio kept attempting to disarm the large blue beast, but was finding that the task might be nigh impossible. Svanir mad him a staff and others came to his aid, as he was determined to finish his vow.

With injuries mounting and the danger of death becoming more and more likely, the beast used several braclets to heal its injuries and continued to fight striking strong blows. The summoned snake managed to grab the beast several times, but the grapple never lasted more than a few seconds, overpowered easily by the large monster. 

Fortune was luckily on our side, this time at least. Gio managed to steal the large axe of the beast and fullfiled his vow moments before the beast was slain. Not long after the mass of bones fell to the ground and the battle was won.

We then turned our attention to a few of the captive orcs locked in cages. After attempting to turn them to our cause, Grak slew them mercilessly. We found the caretaker who was fortunately not too close to death. Searching the rest of the cave, Gio found several barrels of very nice wine, and promptly processed to quaff his fill. We found a few interesting items and a load of gold, causing us to regret not having a cart to transport our new-found goods.

The Art of Betrayal
Grak Told Kitty, Kitty Not Listen.

Night of the 23rd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Unknown to the others, on his watch, Roaran woke each Grundar individually and gave them a lecture. The doppelganger revealed himself by morphing into a small girl who could slip out of the manacles, indicating that he could have escaped at any time. Having been recently awoken, Grundar was still conscious enough to hear the release of his imposter. The ensuing argument easily woke the rest of the party. Grak could not stand to let Roaran release the presumably traitorous doppelganger, so he decided to leave with his followers and head to the monastery seeking information and assistance.

24th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Roaran decided by the morning that he would take the doppelganger to the order and present him before the embodiment of Sigurd, hoping that his true intentions would be revealed. Reaching the split in the road late in the morning, he and the doppelganger turned toward the monastery as the rest of us headed to the fortress.

25th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We arrived back at the gate house in front of the fortes, and were confronted by Jenner and his sister, who were gravely dissapointed at the absentees, Grak and Roaran, who tauted the small children, and dissapointed at the rest of the party for not being concerned with finding the caretaker. Gio and Svanir decided to run and get Roaran and hopefully Grak too, so they could assist in helping find the caretaker.

Svanir ran off-road in rough-territory because he was not impeded in his ghostly state. Gio ran on the road, and so was separated from Svanir. Gio ran halfway to the Monastery before he found a frozen, helpless Roaran on the side of the road. Not sure how to unfreeze Roaran, he tied ropes to him and started to drag him back to the Fortress.

26th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Reaching the monastery and finding Grak, Svanir soon realized that Roaran was missing as he should have arrived at the monastery by that time. Svanir convinced Grak to come with him to find Roaran, since they both assumed the worst, that Roran was betrayed and possibly dead. Moving without the weight of a helpless, embarrassed, cat-folk, Svanir and Grak easily caught up to Gio. Strapping Roaran to the back of Grak's horse, the small entourage made good time back to the fortress.

Having thawed, Roaran and the others arrived and were soon scolded once more by Jenner and his companions. Not wishing to waste even more time, the party set off to find the caretaker who had been spotted as a captive of the Drake's monsters.

27th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

What we hoped would be a quick journey to find the caretaker was interrupted by an ambush. Determined to reach our goal, we quickly dispatched our attackers and continued on our way.

Stoney's Here!
So Which Grundar is Which?

Night of the 18th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We freed the Blacksmith and his Apprentice, and tried to convince them to join our rebellion. They were less than enthusiastic at the prospect, seeminly for financial concerns, because they agreed when we offered to pay a monthy retainer.

We then turned our attentions to loading up the equipment and armor while a few of us started to discuss what to do with the Grundars. Krulak was given the task of watching the door as a lookout. We were soon interrupted, however, by the sudden appearance of more lizardmen. There were only a few of them, so we had no worry. Roaran shacked and tied up each Grundar, but was forced to grapple with one when it managed to get free from the ropes.

Grak, Gio, Svanir, and Aslan continued to fight the lizardmen and Krulak continued to watch the door as the large stone-skinned minotaur, Stoney, appeared accompanied by more lizardmen. Aslan slung a web at Stoney and several lizardmen, but Stoney was apparently unaffected by it.

After kocking out one lizardman, Gio was blinded by his desire to disarm a large monster, and proceeded to launch himself at Stoney. Much to his dismay, Stoney was unfortunately unarmed and was attacking with claws. Grak continued to sunder the heads of the nearest lizardmen from their bodies, leaving pools of acid in their wake. Svanir was being hit repeatedly by bolts of lightning as he fought with a lizardman mage.

Meanwhile, in the storage room, Roaran decided to stop wrestling with the Grundar and decided to let him go and see how he would react to the battle outside.

With most of the lizardmen dead, and a few unconscious, the fight became focused on the minotaur. Grak, Grundar, Roaran, Krulak and Svanir surrounded Stoney as Aslan continued healing. Gio continued to fight the lizardman mage, and was hopeful that he could knock him out before he exploded into a burst of electricity. Stoney soon fell, his wounds fatal. As soon as Stoney hit the ground, the stone left its body and began to afflict Krulak with an accelerating stone disease. ???? then took a swing at the lizardman mage, who, on his last thread of consciousness, was slain instead and exploded.

We could not wait for more lizardmen to ambush us, so we resumed packing.Gio noticed that the freed Grundar was sneaking back into the Blacksmith's shop, and followed him back into the storage room, where he found the Grundars about so start fighting. Gio wished to keep them from killing each other, so he attempted to stop the fight by taking their weapons.

Meanwhile, the group hears horses riding toward them in the distance, and began to fear another battle, one they might lose due to their injuries and fatigue. As the horses approached it was seen that they were orcs who stopped short of running the party over, and instead stopped and pledged allegiance to Grak. This was an unexpected turn of events, but welcome nonetheless. Grak set the orcs to the task of loading the remaining armor onto the carts.

When the orcs entered the storage room, they found Gio and the Grundars fighting, were confused, and returned to ask Grak for instruction. Grak returned to the storage room, and helped Gio to subdue the Grundars before one was slain.

The gear was quickly packed onto the cart with the help of the orcs, so we left town, camping for the night just out of sight of Four-wells.

19th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

We began the six day journey back to the fortress, to drop off the armor and blacksmith. Krulak's illness seemed to be worsening, worrying the group. Gio, began to ponder the Grundar predicament, having plenty of time to think by himself.

21st of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Gio enlisted the help of Grak, and started an experiment on the two Grundar's in an attempt to discover which one was the doppelganger. He gave each alcohol, one got strong, one got weak, and waited to see if one or both got drunk at the same time.

22nd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Gio repeated the experiment, reversing the potency of alcohol each Grundar received. Again waiting for the results.

23rd of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

The group was curious to hear Gio's opinion after his experiments, but he could not reveal his findings. If he did, he knew Grak and the others would kill the doppelganger, which he could not allow, due to his Vow of Peace.

Back to the Blacksmith
Bad, Blacksmith, Bad!

11th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Gio told the story of his exploits from the previous couple days. He explained that he was going to start taking vows in the morning, and that by doing so he would unleash the powers of his wraps. Gio created a system of hand signals for communication during his vows. Then we planned to leave in the morning to go back to Four-Wells and get our armor from the blacksmith.

12th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Continuing to ignore the fact that the caretaker of the keep who possibly knows about its defenses and magic was missing for quite a long time, we travelled back to Four-Wells.

Evening of the 18th of Begyfrysetid Year of Shaedow 1031

Arriving on the edges of Four-Wells we stealthily made our way into town at night, until we arrived at the blacksmith's shop. Roaran snuck inside and woke up the blacksmith and asked for Grundar's armor. The blacksmith sent Grundar and his apprentice to a basement store room to collect the armor.

Unnoticed by us, the blacksmith did something while stoking the fire to make its smoke blue. Shortly after, lizardmen came out of the storage room and started attacking. Suddenly, the blacksmith turned into a copy of Grak, and they began to fight. Everyone except Krulak and Gio rush inside. The room goes dark as one of the foes cast a spell. More lizardmen drop off the roof, but they are quickly slain or knocked out by Krulak and Gio.

When the lizardmen die, however, they explode into pools of acid, acid clouds or chain lightning. Meanwhile, Krulak hears a crowd in the distance and moves to investigate, but he sees nothing. He hears more movement, but still sees nothing. Gio gets him to come back to the blacksmith's.

Inside the lizardmen fall one by one, but the fight between the two Graks continues until one falls unconsious. We were unsure who was the victor, until the one standing turned and attacked Aslan. Nearly slain Aslan dropped back and the Fake Grak turned and attacked Helgon, who was slain instantly. The impostor was still very hurt and was killed after a few attacks. Aslan quickly rushed to heal the real Grak Shady as the imposter dissolved into a doppelganger.

Having dispatched all our foes we went into the storage room where we found two unconscious Grundars with a tied up Blacksmith and apprentice. Now we have to figure out how to tell which Grundar is the real one.


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