Its been an Eon since the Dread armies of the Demon King of Shaedows swept Aerden ushering in the the age of the ShaedowBorne. Despite the severe form of feudalism, not far removed from slavery, that is now the rule of the land the Wengirborne in the small town of Nordhjeim far to the north live a relatively peaceful existence. Their Warlord Ragrun-Gack has no interest in administering to the Wengirborn, who are considered little more than live stock. As long as tributes have been paid and there is no open flaunting of the Blutrecht Warlord Ragurn-Gack is content to leave the cattle of Nordhjeim to their own amusements.

The town of Nordhjeim celebrates the end of winter and welcome in the coming spring the first week of Isentøværtid with a festival the Vårfeir. Warlord Ragurn-gack has until this the 1027th Year of the Shaedow turned a blind eye to the Vårfeir. On the third night of the Vårfeir there was a meteor shower over the southern coast of the Bay of Ragrun focused on and around Nordhjeim. It was taken as a portent of luck that during a festival celebrating the coming of longer days and shorter nights fire should rain from the heavens. The townsfolk were elated, it was going to be a good year for sure. The elation was short lived for on the 7th and final night of a festival that had gotten well out of hand a Confessor with a full Hand of Legates came to Nordhjeim to investigate the meteor shower.

The Confessor levied swift and cruel judgment against the town and peoples of Nordhjeim for their heretical celebration and their flaunting of the Blutrecht. The purview of Nordhjeim has been removed from the Jurisdiction of Warlord Ragrun-Gack. For the past 6 weeks Nordhjeim has been cruelly ruled by The Confessors Hand and it has been rumored that he has called for a Fade from the Citadel of Shaedows to take over permanent control of

Age of Shaedow

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